Aeroflex reduces LTE mobile test times for service centres

Latest Lector 7 software nearly doubles the speed of test for LTE devices, which will provide cost savings for mobile test service centres

Aeroflex reduces LTE mobile test times for service centres

Aeroflex has unveiled the latest upgrade to its Lector software, which it says provides dramatic improvements in the speed of mobile device RF tests in service centres.

Lector 7 software achieves a doubling in LTE test speed for a range of mobile devices. Test times for a reference multi-band mobile device using the Aeroflex 7100 LTE digital radio test set with Lector 7 have been improved by an average of 53%.

It now takes only 3 minutes 5 seconds to complete the full set of LTE tests with Lector 7 as compared with 6½ minutes with the previous version, Lector 6.83. For a full test script covering multiple 2G/3G/4G bands, test time is reduced from ten minutes to less than six minutes, a saving of over 40% in test time.

The 2G/3G/4G final tests were performed using a 7100 for LTE and an Aeroflex 4400 mobile phone tester for 2G/3G, although a 2201 service tester can also be used in place of the 4400.

“Speed of test is a critical factor in high volume service centres,” said Roger Perry, product manager at Aeroflex. “The substantial reductions in overall test time achieved with Lector 7 reinforce the cost-saving advantages service centres can achieve when using Aeroflex solutions for testing mobile devices.”

Aeroflex's Lector software is a well-established and cost-efficient test tool that allows service centres and repair shops to easily perform RF final tests of 2G/3G/4G mobile devices.

Lector 7 is designed to seamlessly integrate Aeroflex's terminal testers, shield boxes and antenna couplers with a growing database of mobile devices to enable quick and simple testing.


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