Number of commercially available LTE networks reaches 268

GSA reveals that the number of commercial 4G LTE networks has grown by 56% since 2012 with 100 countries now providing customers with 4G services

Number of commercially available LTE networks reaches 268

GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association, confirmed this week (6 February 2014) a new milestone for LTE with 268 LTE networks now commercially launched in 100 countries. The number of countries where LTE service is commercially available has grown by 56% since 2012.

Alan Hadden, president of the GSA, said: “Ghana, Peru, Zambia and most recently Cambodia are the latest nations to commercially launch 4G/LTE. The global appeal and acceptance of LTE technology in emerging markets as well as developed economies is clearly proven. The industry should celebrate this great success story.”

The full list of 268 commercially launched LTE networks is available on the GSA website for registered site users to download. Visit and follow the link to the “Interim Evolution to LTE report: 268 LTE networks launched in 100 countries”.

Full details of all LTE market developments including network deployments and service launches worldwide will be included in the next update of the Evolution to LTE report, which will be published by GSA very shortly.


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