Devicescape launches new services on its Wi-Fi service platform

Expanded platform delivers new access, engagement and insight services to help operators capture consumer data, balance networks better and enhance the user experience across Wi-Fi and cellular networks

Devicescape launches new services on its Wi-Fi service platform

Devicescape has expanded the service offerings it provides through the Devicescape Service Platform by offering a suite of access, engagement and insight services. The Devicescape Service Platform now enables telecom operators to move beyond today’s network focus and begin to elevate the entire smartphone experience.

The suite is tailored for operators who wish to keep their customers “always best connected” (ABC), engage the entire connectivity ecosystem and gain insight into the total customer experience on both cellular and Wi-Fi. Devicescape's curated virtual network (CVN) now comprises 20 million hotspots (see separate story here), making it the largest virtualised carrier Wi-Fi network in the world, according to the company.

“Telecom operators today are focused on services that are constrained to the reach of their own networks. That strategy is problematic, because they only capture a minority portion of the customer experience, since most of the time is spent on Wi-Fi,” said Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser.

“With our new Access, Engagement and Insight Services suite, operators can extend their reach and impact the customer experience across both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. This results in a better data consumer and a better balancing of networks.”


The Devicescape service platform starts with always best connected Access Services that dynamically identify the best network for each customer based on both operator policies and mobile data user preferences.

By managing the customer connection on cellular, private Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, carrier Wi-Fi, and the curated Wi-Fi, which is available when roaming, the telecom operator can offer more data for a lower cost with unprecedented network efficiencies and the ability to grow ARPU.

The key component of Devicescape’s ABC experience is the adaptive network selection service, which can adapt to real-time changes in network conditions and ensure that users stay best connected defined by performance, cost or a careful balance of the two.


Engagement Services provide operators, their customers and venue owners with a way to engage meaningfully over the Wi-Fi network. With these services operators can maintain customer engagement and deliver brand messaging; venue owners can interact directly with their customers; and mobile data users can experience great service and engage with venue owners.

The Popwifi network is currently in use at millions of locations across the CVN and serves as a growth tool to advance the CVN in size and quality as well as a venue owner experience manager for in-store mobile marketing over Wi-Fi.


Insight Services are the tools to deliver intelligence on customer activity and behaviour when they are connected to Wi-Fi, which are the networks that see more data traffic than telecom operators’ cellular infrastructure.

From aggregate usage reporting and subscriber Wi-Fi CDRs to detailed user analytics and big data feeds, Devicescape’s Insight Services allow operators to deeply understand the full spectrum of smartphone use.

Devicescape Insight Services are already in use to help Devicescape customers understand smartphone usage patterns and the potential for further amenity Wi-Fi growth in different venues, locations and regions around the world.


Devicescape operates the world’s largest Wi-Fi service platform comprising three essential building blocks:

  • A fast, reliable Curator Client for automatic and seamless connections to both Wi-Fi and cellular networks
  • A powerful Curator Cloud that provides crowd-powered wisdom crunching enormous amounts of connection-related data in real time
  • A vast Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of high-quality hotspots, which are constantly evaluated, qualified, and monitored. The CVN derives directly from curation technology—employing closed-loop machine learning to both fuel the CVN and to keep users always best connected.

In addition to Adaptive Network Selection, recent major advancements in curation include ANDSF support, roaming optimisations, and groundbreaking Interleaving QoE (quality of experience) technology.

With Interleaving QoE technology the quality of every available network is constantly evaluated and reevaluated silently in the background—when the connection is made the quality is guaranteed.

Devicescape will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Hall 2, Suite 2O25 from 24-27 February.

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