Thales creates integrated critical information systems and cyber security business

Information systems security and critical information systems specialists and capabilities are brought together into a new business unit

Thales creates integrated critical information systems and cyber security business

Thales has created a new business unit called Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity, which is designed to maximise the synergies between its information systems security and its critical information systems specialists and capabilities.

With annual revenues of €500 million and close to 5,000 employees, the new business line has the critical mass required to consolidate Thales's leadership in the fast-growing cyber security market, according to the company. It is part of the Group's Secure Communications and Information Systems Global Business Unit.

With growing interconnection between players and information systems and the anticipated emergence of the Internet of Things, a completely new digital landscape is taking shape, driven by rapid progress in IT technologies and the unrelenting evolution of the cyber threat environment, the company believes In response to this, Thales is combining its strengths to step up to these new challenges and drive future business growth.

Repeated attacks on the vital networks of major nations and the surge in cyber espionage activity have made cyber security one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Administrations, financial institutions, critical infrastructure operators, innovative industries and research institutes are all highly dependent on their IT systems and are therefore more vulnerable to new types of cyber threats.

The creation of the Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity business line will enable Thales to deliver a more comprehensive response to the need of providing end-to-end security for the critical information of the most demanding customers.

With a strong focus on services, the new business line will draw on expertise in R&D and systems architectures, and a broad range of hardware and software products to assure effective threat prevention, detection and security supervision.

Marc Darmon, executive VP, Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales, said: "This approach is a key differentiator for Thales in that cyber security is an integral part of its offerings in the aerospace, transport, defence and security markets. Thales is a major provider of defence and security solutions to protect the sovereign interests of nations. The strategic decision to form an integrated business line will further strengthen its leadership in the European cyber security industry."

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