Simoco Xd DMR radios on the grid for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Manufacturer to supply 800 hand portable two-way radios and system infrastructure to organisers and contractors staging the Melbourne-based event

Simoco Xd DMR radios on the grid for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Two-way radio manufacturer Simoco will supply over 800 portable radios, as well as system infrastructure and accessories to support this year’s Australian Grand Prix, to be held in Melbourne from 13-16 March 2014.

The Simoco DMR radios will be used prior to, during and post race by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and many contractors involved in staging the event.

The infrastructure and radio equipment will be supplied on a rental basis to the organisations involved in construction, operation and managing safety. These parties require industry leading digital communications, such as Simoco Xd DMR portable radios, in order to cater for the wide range of activity surrounding a major international sporting event.

The Australian Grand Prix attracts an estimated 300,000 attendees over the weekend, and operating the event safely and smoothly relies on high performing radio communication solutions.

Craig Moca, engineering manager at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, commented: “The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix plays out on a world stage to a massive audience, both at the venue and in terms of global viewers. It’s critical that organisers and contractors are able to communicate with team members, race marshals, security staff and other workers to ensure that the event runs safely and successfully.

“The fact that Simoco provides a reliable rental radio solution means that companies involved with the event can access high quality communications equipment on a short term basis. Simoco also has proven experience in managing end to end communications at large scale complex events so can give expert guidance and 24/7 support when we need it.”

Simoco has been working at the site since late January when the Australian Grand Prix Corporation began to implement the first phase of operations to support the event build teams.

Ian Carr, Simoco Group CEO, said: “This is a high profile sporting occasion and we are pleased that the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and the contractors involved in pulling it all together have chosen us as their communications supplier. We will be installing the latest radio technology to ensure that we fulfil each organisation’s communications requirements by providing them with Simoco radios that bring wide coverage and clear reception.”

Simoco said it has seen an increase in the demand for its rental services over the last 12 months with deployments at major sporting and entertainment venues as well as across other sectors including construction, security, production and mining.

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