u-blox launches GNSS modules with 8th generation in-house chip technology

MAX, NEO and LEA modules are available in both performance and cost optimised versions designed to meet a wide range of global positioning needs by providing a scalable range of features, size, and interfaces

u-blox launches GNSS modules with 8th generation in-house chip technology

Swiss-based u-blox has introduced its popular MAX, NEO and LEA GNSS modules in u-blox’s next-generation, multi-constellation positioning platform u-blox M8. 

The new module series satisfy a wide range of requirements by providing a scalable range of features including antenna management, integrated filters, data logging, crystal or TCXO, and rich set of interfaces.

They can acquire and track all visible GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS satellites and can track any two GNSS systems simultaneously for increased reliability, accuracy and faster acquisition time.

“Our advanced u-blox M8 modules are the result of u-blox’ in-house GNSS chip design expertise and end-to-end ownership of the entire IC and module manufacturing processes. This gives us full control over features, quality and production allowing us to react quickly to customer requirements,” said Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO.

“Being independent of third party GNSS chip suppliers means we offer our customers exactly the right feature set, chip and module options, smooth upgrade path and a clearly defined product roadmap extending years into the future.”

u-blox’ online Assisted-GNSS service, AssistNow, has also been radically improved to support a high level of global positioning performance. The free service is available in online and offline versions and supports both assisted GPS and GLONASS.

The MAX-M8, NEO-M8 and LEA-M8 modules provide cutting edge positioning performance and -167 dBm tracking sensitivity for a wide range of applications including vehicle and asset tracking, eCall / ERA-GLONASS emergency call systems, vehicle telematics for insurance, road pricing and anti-theft devices, navigation, security, and point-of-sales terminals, according to the company.

u-blox said it will continue to offer u-blox 7 based modules MAX, NEO and LEA-7, which remain optimal for low-power, cost-efficient, single-GNSS designs. The new u-blox M8 modules maintain hardware and software compatibility with u-blox 7 modules to allow easy upgrade or product variants utilizing the same PCB layout.



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