DragonWave offers new hybrid trunking radio system

Harmony Trunk C hybrid trunking microwave radio is optimised for long-haul transport in a reduced footprint and can be used for all outdoor and indoor configurations

DragonWave offers new hybrid trunking radio system

DragonWave unveiled its Harmony Trunk C hybrid trunking microwave radio today (28 January 2014). It is designed to complement the company’s existing high capacity Harmony Trunk microwave product portfolio.

The small form factor of the Harmony Trunk C makes it usable for either all-outdoor or all-indoor network requirements supporting up to 4 RF carriers in a single outdoor cabinet or indoor shelf.

Harmony Trunk C provides greater trunking options for mobile operators, military, and broadcast applications worldwide. Available in STM-1, hybrid or full IP configurations, the Harmony Trunk C shares complete hardware commonality with the standard Harmony Trunk. In addition, the solution is similarly equipped with Gigabit Ethernet and STM-1 cards and advanced features such as XPIC and Diversity.

“DragonWave continues to meet the growing demand for hybrid and packet microwave solutions by introducing products specifically designed to meet a wide variety of requirements, offering customers more options for optimising their networks while keeping an eye on CAPEX,” said Emmy Johnson, principal analyst, Skylight Research.

“The Harmony Trunk C is a good example of how the company leverages proven technologies to offer customers greater and interchangeable product choices in order to future proof their networks,” she added.

The all-outdoor Harmony Trunk C solution meets the requirements of many networks where the base station, access microwave, battery systems and power converter are installed in weather-hardened, outdoor cabinets.

Additionally, the unit can be mounted as close as 15 feet from the antenna to achieve system gain advantages and avoid RF loss associated with long waveguide runs, while also eliminating the need for associated indoor support equipment such as air conditioning, a dehydrator and other componentry.

The Harmony Trunk C is available in an all-indoor shelf deployment, offering easy expansion card upgrades via hot swappable modules. The unit is easily expanded utilising an additional compact shelf and additional cost savings are realized because upgrades and maintenance do not require the associated cost of a specialized tower climber. Further CAPEX reductions can be achieved due to the unit supporting East-West repeater configurations in a single rack, using a single Trunk C.

“Our Go-to-Market strategy is built around a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs so that we tailor solutions that meet their requirements today and for the future,” said Greg Friesen, vice president of product management, DragonWave 

“The Harmony Trunk C is a perfect example of taking a field proven product and offering it in a more tailored form factor, so that we now offer the most versatile and varied long haul trunking transport solutions to our customers, with streamlined interoperability across our entire product line.”

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