Motorola Solutions to modernise nationwide radio systems in Latvia

Agreement will sees the merger of two existing analogue and digital land mobile radio systems and their migration to a single, nationwide ASTRO25 digital land mobile radio system

Motorola Solutions to modernise nationwide radio systems in Latvia

The Information Centre of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior (MoI) has selected Motorola Solutions to deploy a nationwide, digital land mobile radio system, ASTRO25 Release 7.14.

The infrastructure will connect 10,000 public safety professionals from the police force, ambulance service and fire brigade through 64 radio sites. The deal has a value of US$18 million and the roll out will be completed by the end of 2014.

Motorola Solutions was chosen to evolve the current ASTRO system following a closed tender negotiation. The company will provide the equipment, engineering design and implementation services to the Latvian Information Centre, which is a part of the Latvian MoI.

The modernisation of nationwide land mobile radio systems will take place under the framework of the project “Modernisation of radio communication system of the Ministry of the Interior” funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Total budget for the modernisation project is €16.2 million. 

As part of the deal, Motorola Solutions will merge the existing analogue and digital ASTRO systems, ASTRO25 Release 7.0 and ASTRO SmartZone Release 4.1, to form a single, nationwide, digital infrastructure based on the latest ASTRO25 Release 7.14 platform.

It will upgrade 55 radio base stations and one master switching site throughout Latvia. In addition, the implementation includes the installation of nine new radio base stations and the delivery of 6,242 Project 25 APX 2000 hand portable and APX 2500 mobile radios.

The Latvian Ministry of Interior will have Project 25 FDMA and Phase 2 TDMA modulation capabilities thanks to the migration. This will give the Latvian authorities expanded data capabilities including enhanced data transmission.

This migration will cover all public safety radio users in Latvia and ensure the operational stability, availability and support of the entire system. Persisting with prolonged use of the existing systems without their planned modernisation would have put these elements at great risk and opened up the possibility of a complete communications breakdown.

The project allows Latvian public safety professionals to take advantage of the latest integrated voice and data services, including vehicle and personnel location, over-the-air rekeying, over-the-air programming, radio user authentication and AES encryption.

The newly upgraded system will also allow interoperability between all radio users throughout Latvia.

Janis Ritins, Head of Information Centre, Ministry of Interior Republic of Latvia, said: “Motorola Solutions is a long-term technology partner of ours and has proven to be able to deliver and implement radio networks for our public safety needs. The analogue system in place was outdated, and with this new implementation we will modernise and merge two separate networks to one nationwide digital land mobile radio network. Our frontline users will be able to benefit from a network of the highest standards of security, stability and quality.”    

Klaus-Dieter Drossel, director of sales key accounts, Motorola Solutions, commented: “We are delighted that the Latvian Ministry of the Interior chose Motorola Solutions to merge the two existing systems into one, nationwide, digital infrastructure. This will give Latvian public safety professionals guaranteed nationwide communications and ensure that they can concentrate resources on delivering frontline services.”   

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