Record usage figures for New Year’s Eve on Airwave Network in London

UK’s TETRA emergency service radio network saw heavy use by the London emergency services during the 2014 New Year’s Eve celebrations

Record usage figures for New Year’s Eve on Airwave Network in London

New Year’s Eve figures released by Airwave show that the UK’s TETRA network supported some 12,500 users from the London emergency services community during one of their busiest nights of the year.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people braved the weather in the capital to join in the celebrations. During the busiest hour, 105,000 calls were made in London on the Airwave Network, making 820,000 connections between handheld radios and command and control operators.

In addition 31,000 short data service (SDS) messages were made by the emergency services on the Airwave Network which kept them connected throughout.

Airwave, which built and operates the Airwave Network on behalf of the UK emergency services, said it is essential that frontline responders can instantly communicate with each other at large scale public events such as this, and the Airwave Service is designed to ensure they can do just that.

“Second only to the size and scale of the Notting Hill Carnival each year, New Year’s Eve is an overtly busy time for our London-based customers. This year was no exception and having a communications service they can totally rely on makes all the difference and gives our customers one less thing to worry about,” said Martin Benké, director network operations, Airwave.

The 2013 London New Year’s festivities covered a larger geographic area than previous years with the inclusion of North Greenwich and the subsequent increase of coverage for the more significant travel routes.

“We have been working with our London users since October to plan the event. A number of key sites were identified for expansion to service the increased traffic – including an additional 3,100 police officers from the Metropolitan Police Service out and about on the night,” said Benké.

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