AT4 wireless selects Anite’s SAS for LTE operator device acceptance programmes

Intuitive interoperability and performance test solution enables AT4 wireless test house to expand its service offering

AT4 wireless selects Anite’s SAS for LTE operator device acceptance programmes

Anite, the UK-based wireless equipment testing technology provider, today (14 January 2014) announced that AT4 wireless, an international network of testing laboratories, has selected Anite’s SAS interoperability and performance test solution.

SAS will be used for advanced and rapid LTE device verification related to operator acceptance schemes. Flexible, simple and repeatable, SAS will enable AT4 wireless to speed up testing and significantly expand its overall service portfolio, according to Anite.

AT4 wireless certifies its customers’ products to international standards, using Anite’s SAS to rigorously test devices according to specific test cases defined by leading global mobile operators. This ensures devices operate as intended on individual networks prior to launch and improves end-user satisfaction.

SAS has an intuitive user interface and is recognised for supporting a large number of Tier-1 operator device acceptance programmes, the company claims. AT4 wireless has been working with Anite for more than 10 years when it started using Anite’s Conformance Toolset to offer a comprehensive protocol conformance testing service to its customers across the globe.

“SAS, Anite’s interoperability and performance testing solution enables us to easily perform test scripts in a simulated environment across several radio access technologies”, said Fernando E Hardasmal, deputy general director at AT4 wireless.

“AT4 wireless’ selection of Anite underlines the leading capabilities of SAS used to test devices against a broad range of interoperability and performance scenarios in the lab’, says Paul Beaver, products director at Anite. “It also highlights the fact that SAS is seen as an integral part of many mobile network operators’ device acceptance programmes.”

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