E-Plus Group transforms mobile backhaul with Ericsson

Ericsson is the exclusive partner for the transformation of German mobile operator’s legacy mobile backhaul infrastructure to a high-capacity all-IP solution

E-Plus Group transforms mobile backhaul with Ericsson

The E-Plus Group has extended its existing exclusive partnership with Ericsson to transform its mobile backhaul to all-IP. The mobile backhaul transformation is an important cornerstone in the German operator’s mobile broadband strategy.

On top of the IP RAN transformation, Ericsson will also transform the Germany-wide microwave network, which will be migrated to all-IP in the mid-term using MINI-LINK long- and short-haul products.

Gerhard Lüdtke, director, access network at E-Plus Group, said: "IP backhaul is an essential part of our mobile broadband programme and was underestimated by many operators as a key enabler of high-speed data. Therefore we are glad that we have already reached 90% of our broadband radio sites with full IP transport. E-Plus will continue to strengthen its mobile backhaul network to provide a superior user experience to its subscribers and to position E-Plus as a leading player in the growing LTE market space."

Stefan Koetz, managing director, Ericsson Germany, says: "A future-proof, IP-capable microwave backhaul is one of the most important assets in a mobile operator’s broadband network in order to keep up with the growing bandwidth demands.

“Operators that are upgrading their mobile networks to high-speed HSPA Evolved or LTE need to connect their radio access sites with high-capacity backhaul technologies with flexible packet capabilities, such as phase and time synchronization, to their core network. This will ensure superior user experience for services such as mobile video, mobile music, internet browsing and other mobile data applications."


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