Zetron control system deployed at Canada’s largest airport in Toronto

Zetron’s advanced communications (Acom EVO) system utilizing the P25, open-standards based console subsystem interface (CSSI) is being used to improve response times and critical communications at Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson International

Zetron control system deployed at Canada’s largest airport in Toronto

Control room systems provider Zetron has announced that its Advanced Communications (Acom EVO) system utilizing the Project 25 (P25) console subsystem interface (CSSI) has been successfully deployed at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

The GTAA is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of Toronto Pearson International Airport?the largest airport in Canada.

The new 26-position Acom EVO system installed for the GTAA is serving as the master dispatch console for a three-site, 12-channel simulcast P25 radio solution deployed at the GTAA’s Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC).

The IOCC oversees airport safety, security, maintenance and service operations. The system is critically important because nearly all airport operations revolve around the use of a two-way radio by airport staff, public-safety agencies and supporting organisations.

One key element of this implementation is its use of the P25 CSSI to integrate seamlessly with the Cassidian digital trunked P25 infrastructure also installed at the IOCC. The result is an open-standards-compliant solution that allows airport personnel to communicate with each other and with emergency responders on other networks in nearby municipalities.

This is only the most recent implementation of Acom EVO for the aviation industry. It has already been deployed at other major airports, such as those at Oslo, Geneva and London, and in the operations centres of major airlines throughout the world.

“We are committed to an effective integration of airport communications,” said Howard Bohan, VP of Aviation Services at Toronto Pearson International Airport. “As Canada’s largest airport, growing as a global hub and international connection point, we must be able to coordinate efficient operations and resources with our stakeholders to ensure that safety, security and facility maintenance are held to the highest standards.”

“Zetron is very pleased that our Acom EVO system is improving the GTAA’s operational effectiveness,” said Zetron President and CEO, Ellen O’Hara. “Acom continues to bring great benefits to customers whose operations require a consistent, coordinated and efficient response system.”


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