DragonWave to supply backhaul system for MADA Kuwait broadband network

DragonWave’s Horizon Compact and Horizon Quantum products selected by Kuwaiti operator for their spectral efficiency, throughput and operational flexibility

DragonWave to supply backhaul system for MADA Kuwait broadband network

DragonWave is to become the single-source microwave backhaul supplier for MADA Communications Kuwait’s multi-million dollar network deployment. The company’s Horizon Compact and Quantum products will enable multi gGigabit speeds with minimal latency and ease of capacity upgrades.

MADA provides high capacity wireless broadband nationwide in Kuwait, using different technology for corporate and residential. Such technologies include WiMAX-e and others to provide corporate users with capacities of 100Mbps with low latency and high reliability.

MADA is relying exclusively on the DragonWave solution for its microwave backhaul for this component of the network. DragonWave's Horizon Compact, a single, small, all-outdoor chassis integrating traditional split indoor modem and outdoor radio functionality, will backhaul the traffic to MADA's wireless broadband network core, where the Horizon Quantum delivers resilient, high-capacity transport.

Optimised for 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services, the Horizon Quantum leverages a range of technology innovations-higher-order modulation, packet-based architectures which enable statistical multiplexing, XPIC and bandwidth-optimization techniques, among them-to reap maximum capacity from MADA's backhaul spectrum allocations.

As MADA wireless broadband boosts speeds and high reliability wireless services with intentions to introduce new services to existing and future customers, the DragonWave solution will adapt flexibly, with simple software upgrades.

"Our commitment to our valued business and consumer customers is to deliver the most advanced and reliable services today and in the future," said Charles El Hajj, CEO of MADA Communications. "The DragonWave Horizon Compact and Quantum backhaul solution provides both the unmatched throughput and low level of latency that's crucial to ensure consistent, advanced service performance, such as video streaming over IP.

“Our agreement with Dragonwave also leverages our existing last mile network investment and our future expansion and development without having to purchase extra spectrum. Due to the high spectral efficiency of the packet microwave radios, we are able to maximize the volume of services provided over our existing network links."

Peter Allen, president and CEO of DragonWave, said: "DragonWave microwave backhaul solutions are engineered to streamline operators' deployments by eliminating obstacles, whether it be a spectral, performance or operational issue, so that they can quickly and cost-effectively introduce innovative and competitive services that ensure their ongoing profitability and success."

Horizon Quantum

Delivering from 2 to 4Gbps per link, Horizon Quantum offers dual-channel capability in a split-mount system that increases spectral efficiency, capacity, nodal intelligence and operational simplicity.

In addition, the Horizon Quantum's integrated switching provides aggregation and restoration in a single unit, providing operators the capacity and reliability for future applications and services in a mobile backhaul solution that can be quickly and cost-effectively, deployed today.

Horizon Compact is an easily installed high-capacity, packet microwave system that integrates the radio and modem into a single outdoor unit, eliminating rack congestion and minimising collocation space.

Horizon Compact's 800Mbps capacity per link, Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation, and ring/mesh support mean maximum performance and throughput, as well as sophisticated remote management and troubleshooting features that lend to lifecycle cost savings.


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