Alcatel-Lucent enables Israel’s Bezeq to offer faster broadband speeds over existing network

Bezeq to upgrade access network using Alcatel-Lucent VDSL2 vectoring technology in order to expand availability of broadband speeds of up to 100Mpbs throughout Israel as quickly as possible

Alcatel-Lucent enables Israel’s Bezeq to offer faster broadband speeds over existing network

Alcatel-Lucent is enabling Israeli telecommunications operator Bezeq to enhance and upgrade the capabilities of its national broadband network which serves 1.2 million subscribers throughout the country.

By extensively utilising Bezeq’s existing copper line and optical fibre infrastructure, Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 vectoring solution will be able to be deployed quickly to enable Bezeq to offer faster broadband connections needed for bandwidth-hungry services such as video streaming and online gaming.

Homes and businesses will have access to speeds of up to 100Mbps, significantly enhancing their broadband and video services experience, the company said. VDSL2 vectoring uses noise-cancelling technology, which removes the crosstalk between multiple copper lines in a bundle, so that each can operate at its best and deliver higher bit rates.

Yuval Keinan CTO of Bezeq said: “The ultra-broadband market in Israel is heating up very quickly with the introduction of bandwith-demanding IP applications. Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 vectoring solution will give Bezeq a great advantage by enabling us to leverage our existing infrastructure to meet the customer demand for ultra-broadband in the fastest and most economical way.”

Luis Martinez Amago, president EMEA of Alcatel-Lucent said: “Alcatel-Lucent had an established relationship with Bezeq in the areas of IP and DWDM technology but we had not worked with them on access projects before this one. After a successful next generation network technology trial, they chose our VDSL2 vectoring solution.

“We look forward to working closely with Bezeq as they continue to build out their state-of-the-art broadband network to outsmart competition, and deliver ultra-broadband to the citizens in Israel in the shortest delay possible.”


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