PMR Expo 2013: Imtradex demonstrates latest wireless accessories range

BlueTalk adapter, wireless PTT button and new version of On Guard covert wireless headset on show

PMR Expo 2013: Imtradex demonstrates latest wireless accessories range

Imtradex was promoting its newest wireless devices and applications at PMR Expo in Cologne last week (26-28 November 2013).


First up is Imtradex’s new BlueTalk product (pictured), which is an adapter that turns Bluetooth enabled devices, including mobile phones, into a push-to-talk device. It can be used, for example, to connect to an Apple iPhone, allowing users to communicate without restricting their freedom of movement.

What Imtradex has done is to provide a much more reliable link that connects the Bluetooth device with the headset. The BlueTalk interface device, which features a Bluetooth standard version 2.1 connection, includes secure simple pairing.

BlueTalk is compatible with many headsets and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and radio devices. In addition to a built-in talk button, it comes with a wireless send button, which can have one button (PTT only), two buttons (PTT and full duplex) or four buttons with different options available. For more information see previous story here.

Wireless PTT button

The company also showcased its wireless PTT button, which can be customised to meet the end users requirements. For example, it can feature just one single PTT button or two buttons: one for PTT and a button that emits a beep to indicate the user cannot talk at that point.

Another customer has asked for four buttons: one to take calls; one for redial; one for PTT; and one to disconnect calls. However, it can be programmed for a range of different options depending on the individual need.

On Guard Clear+

Imtradex also demonstrated its On Guard Clear+ headset. It is designed to provide unobtrusive communication for those participating covert investigations, observations and other police, security firms and detective applications.

On Guard Clear+ is an updated version of an existing product. The key difference here is improvements in the hearing quality. The in-ear devices on the older versions were suffering from interference in particularly loud environments such as railway stations.

The new version comes with a much improved interference mitigation for induction hearing thanks to its new technical configuration which enables it to suppress electromagnetic noise interference. Now neither the ignition coils in a car nor high voltages, either outdoors or under power lines in subway stations, will affect the covert communication.

In addition, all the original harnessing and PTT buttons from earlier versions can still be used. The OnGuard Clear+ can be operated with both analogue and digital radios and beside the in-ear-receiver it also includes a highly sensitive miniature microphone for discreet fastening on the shirt collar.

To ensure an unobtrusive use of the device, the hand send button and the rubber housing of the OnGuard Clear+ are made of beige material.


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