PMR Expo 2013: Three new Chinese PMR vendors test the European market

Three Chinese manufacturers Puxing, BFDX and HQT exhibit for the first time in Europe at PMR Expo in Cologne, Germany

PMR Expo 2013: Three new Chinese PMR vendors test the European market

Hytera Communications is the break out success among Asian-based PMR manufacturers, but there are plenty more waiting in the wings in China it seems. This year’s PMR Expo saw no less than three Chinese PMR vendors exhibiting for the first time in the shape of: Puxing, based in Xiamen City, Fujian; BFDX from Quanzhou, Fujian; and HQT, which hales from Shenzen.

Puxing’s portfolio includes two IP67-rated DMR hand portables – the PX-700 and PX-780 (with full keypad and 1.8-inch display screen), along with two dPMR handheld terminals – the PX680D and the more elaborate PX300D. It also has conventional and MPT 1327 analogue radios and amateur radios.

BFDX offers four dPMR hand portables – BF-P108, BF-P118, PF-P500 and BF-P501, all available in both VHF and UHF. It also has one VHF/UHF dPMR mobile radio/base station – the BF-M100. These are backed by an IP controller – BF-IF2000 and a VHF/UHF dPMR repeater/base station – the BF-R1000.

Its DMR range comprises two VHF/UHF hand portables – the BF-TD500 and BF-TD501 (with keypad and display screen) and the BF-RT7500 DMR repeater/base unit. A range of analogue hand portable and mobile radios are also in the company’s portfolio.

HQT has a wide range of analogue radios, but formed a DMR team in 2011 and launched its first DMR products last year including the TM-1000 mobile radio and the IP67-rated TH-8800 hand portable.

All three vendors were testing the waters in Europe to see what opportunities there are for their products to compete.

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