PMR Expo 2013: Hytera showcases new entry level DMR portables

Compact PD505 and PD605 portables on show along with DMR ATEX radio, applications, base stations and dispatchers

PMR Expo 2013: Hytera showcases new entry level DMR portables

Hytera showcased its new DMR Tier II portables at PMR Expo 2013 – the PD505 and PD605 (pictured) are both ‘entry level’ digital portable two way radios. They are aimed at those customers looking for fairly basic radios when making the switch from analogue to digital.

New DMR Tier II portables

The PD505 is designed to be small, lightweight, but tough and features a dual-colour injection-moulded housing. The radio is 115 x 54 x 27mm and weighs just 260g. It has a Lithium-ion battery, which can last for at least 16 hours. It is IP54 certified for protection. It is fitted with a basic accessory connection and is described as ‘reasonably priced’.

The PD605 is a more sophisticated model with a compact metal frame housing and is slightly taller than the PD505 at 119 x 54 x 27mm and weighs 290g. It is IP67 rated and comes with man down and GPS options.

Both radios will be available in Europe in December when they will join the PD705 and PD785 DMR portables, which have been available for quite some time, along with the small, slim X1p and X1e radios.

Full duplex mobile radio

Hytera has also developed a full duplex version of its MD785G mobile radio, which comes with a telephone style handset. Full duplex (where both callers can speak at the same time) is in the ETSI DMR standard, but is not yet mandatory, so manufacturers have to develop their own version for customers who request it. In Hytera’s case, the German energy company Mark-E wanted full duplex.

DMR ATEX portable

The company’s first DMR ATEX radio – the PD795 Ex has been in the works for some time, but is now available. Markus Oltmanns of Hytera Mobilfunk said that the company has sold quite a few of the ATEX radios to a European petrochemical company following a two-week test period – they will be deployed in January 2014.

DMR trunking solution

The company’s new DMR trunking solution based on the RD985S repeater was also on show in Cologne (see separate story here). Oltmanns explained that the system is designed as a modular one, so if customers want to keep using existing power supply and antenna couplings they can do so – or they can buy the full system from Hytera.


Hytera applications partner B-Schmitt Mobile has its DIAMANT in-house TETRA coverage product on display at the Hytera stand. In Germany, public buildings must have an in-house coverage panel for firefighters to provide them with communications inside the building.

A TETRA base station is connected to the in-house antenna linked to the firefighter control panel using B-Schmitt’s application with uninterrupted power supply. The base station is always on, but it is not ‘on air’ until the firefighter activates the coverage by pressing a button on the panel – TETRA coverage is available in 10 seconds.

Meretec showcased its vehicle telemetry app, which is particularly used by local authorities for cleaning and de-icing vehicles. Sensors on the vehicles measure the amount of salt deployed on roads and link that to GPS for location. The data is collected and transmitted to the vehicle via a CAN bus connection (this avoids the need to get into any security control areas of the vehicle).

It can collect both analogue and digital data. Not only does the information enable the authorities to know service level agreements are being met, it can also be used as evidence that a particular patch of road was de-iced should anyone attempt to sue in the event of an accident, for example.

TETRA base stations

Hytera also showcased its existing TETRA dispatcher and TETRA voice recorder systems, along with the TETRA DIB-R5 compact and advanced base stations, which are part of the ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA radio system.

These are TETRA 2 and TEDS ready base stations. The DIB-R5 advanced is a modular and flexible base station with up to eight carriers, while the DIB-R5 compact is a 2-carrier version with an integrated hybrid combiner and a very small floor space, which enables it to fit into a standard 19" rack.


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