Small Cell Forum unlocks enterprise opportunity for mobile operators

Technical barriers are overcome with 11.5 million non-residential indoor small cells to be deployed by 2018 according to mobile experts

Small Cell Forum unlocks enterprise opportunity for mobile operators

The Small Cell Forum today (3 December 2013) launched Release Two: Enterprise - a major technical and business case release to help operators unlock the commercial potential of small cell deployments in the enterprise.

Based on the requirements of its operator members, the Small Cell Forum – the only independent operator and industry organisation supporting small cell deployment worldwide - has produced a comprehensive package including over 20 new or completely revised documents to help overcome barriers to small cell deployment in the enterprise.

The release includes market drivers, a comprehensive business case, enterprise reference architecture, SON use cases, co-deployment of cellular with Wi-Fi, enterprise IT integration, plus backhaul and deployment advice. Taken as a whole, the release gives the reader the benefit of the Forum members’ experiences and best practice from successful deployments to date.

Gordon Mansfield, Chair of the Small Cell Forum said: “Addressing the wide range of enterprise cellular requirements has conventionally been challenging for operators both from a technical and a business perspective. Using small cells enables challenges to be addressed in unique ways, to the benefit of operators and enterprises alike, delivering value for both.

“The deployment of small cells in the enterprise - which is primarily coverage driven - can be applied to government buildings, hotels, retail outlets and hospitals, as well as small businesses or corporate campuses. One of the key elements of this release is the independent business case, commissioned from Real Wireless, which finds a compelling commercial argument for small cells in almost every enterprise context. In fact in all the cases examined except one, the payback period for both the operator and the enterprise was found to be less than a year.

“I am personally very proud of the Release Two initiative, which is the culmination of a great deal of hard work, commitment and innovation from our members. We are going to see significant growth in the number of small cells rolled out worldwide in the near future with the total number of indoor small cells estimated to reach 11.5 million by 2018. The Small Cell Forum’s release programme will play a significant role in making this happen.

This latest release follows on from the hugely successful Release One: Home, which outlined the use of small cells in a residential context and has to date attracted more than 30,000 downloads from carriers and the wider industry.

The Small Cell Forum has published more than 50 new and revised documents since the Release Program was launched in February 2013.

In 2014, it will publish its Urban material in two releases, adding another substantial body of original work to the small cell industry. 

Release Two (and Release One) are available to download from the Small Cell Forum Release site:


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