Icom launches dPMR two-way digital radio microsite

New microsite explains the different dPMR modes and outlines the features and benefits of the digital standard, along with business solutions, IDAS product portfolio and news

Icom launches dPMR two-way digital radio microsite

To coincide with the launch of Icom’s dPMR mode 3, a digital two-way radio system solution for businesses and organisations, Icom UK said today (22 November 2013) that it has launched a dedicated microsite to illustrate the many benefits that dPMR has to offer.

The website (www.dpmruk.co.uk) has the following features:

  • Explanation of dPMR and modes 1, 2 and 3: explains the many solutions that dPMR can provide, from digital licence free radio to digital multi-site trunking.
  • dPMR features and  benefits: explains the principal benefits of the IDAS system
  • dPMR and Your Business: explains why an Icom IDAS digital radio solution can be key to your organisation's business needs
  • dPMR product line up: showcases the IDAS product range featuring digital handheld, digital mobile and digital radio repeaters.
  • dPMR latest news: latest product and contract news.

Ian Lockyer, marketing manager of Icom UK Ltd, said: “The microsite graphically illustrates the benefits of dPMR and provides schematic examples of various scenarios. It highlights each product in the dPMR range with the facility to download individual product leaflets. Business customer looking to migrate from MPT or looking for a fully networked multi site trunking system, need look no further than dPMR and our dPMR microsite."

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