Frequentis to display control centre and networked safety solutions at PMR Expo 2013

Individual control centre solutions, new product concepts and research activities around the concept of networked safety

Frequentis to display control centre and networked safety solutions at PMR Expo 2013

Frequentis has announced it will showcase its products and service solutions for control centres at PMR Expo in Cologne, Germany on 26-28 November 201.

The company’s portfolio covers everything from all-in-one solutions for networked, nationwide control centres (ICCS system) through to local solutions for the German market (ASGARD system). ASGARD lends itself particularly well to the implementation of individual control centre solutions for regional fire and ambulance services or for industry.

Frequentis will show how mobile applications like TETRA Status Server and Web Dispatcher are suited to a variety of platforms. Web Dispatcher allows users to access the many functions of the communication system through an HTML5-ready web browser, thereby avoiding the need to install any additional hardware or software

Status Server supports and enhances the simultaneous use of digital and analogue radio, providing access to information on the position and status of units and resources at any time.

The very highest levels of availability and reliability, fail-safe operation, redundant and robust systems, modular system architectures and customised solutions are key characteristics associated with Frequentis products. They all reflect the Frequentis commitment to safety, as summed up in the company’s motto: ‘for a safer world’.

Current projects in Germany

Frequentis is continuing its system integrator activity in Germany. In July 2013, Frequentis and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate signed a new contract in Mainz. Frequentis will deliver system, integration and maintenance services for the national public safety (BOS) TETRA control centre network, covering both police and integrated fire and ambulance service control centres.

In November, the company was awarded the contract to connect the integrated fire and ambulance service control centres in North Rhine-Westphalia to BOS digital radio. Frequentis will supply five control centre concentrators based on the Frequentis Unified TETRA Gateway.

Thanks to the shared use of centralised technology resources, the TETRA gateways allow a larger number of control centres to be connected to digital radio. Around 60 control centres will connect to these gateways via the German standardised ‘Digitalfunk-Stecker’ (specific digital radio connector), which acts as the interface to the BOS digital radio network.

Research Activities – ‘Networked Safety’

Frequentis is actively involved in exploring various research topics. The company has joined with the Innovationszentrum Öffentliche Sicherheit (Public Safety Innovation Centre) of Fraunhofer FOKUS and other partners to set up the ‘safety lab’ demonstration centre, which raises awareness of ‘networked safety’ and supports relevant activities in this field.

Frequentis said it has considerable know-how in this area, as well as expertise as a system integrator. As such, the company provided everything needed for establishing a cooperative control centre network, where all emergency services can work together through a common network.

Major incident management requires a coordinated and effective joint response from all relevant units and organisations (networked safety), as well as an all-in-one information and communication system that can analyse all the data and create a unified overview of the situation.

The safety lab is both a demonstration facility and research laboratory for networked public safety solutions. Its aim is to offer experts, decision makers and politicians an independent setting where they can discuss the interplay and implications of new technologies. It also seeks to examine the various legal, organisational, social science and economic challenges associated with the practical application of these technologies.

In summary, PMRExpo 2013 will see Frequentis showcase its large portfolio of solutions, all designed to meet the current demand for individual, customised control centre systems.


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