CommScope expands UltraBand antenna portfolio to aid LTE deployments

Expanded UltraBand portfolio now includes more models of the Argus UltraBand base station antenna system and a new family of UltraBand diplexers that operate across 380-960 MHz and 1710-2690 MHz

CommScope expands UltraBand antenna portfolio to aid LTE deployments

CommScope has expanded its award-winning, ultra-wideband, outdoor macro site solution portfolio to help wireless operators deploy LTE now and be prepared for future spectrum and technology rollouts.

The expanded UltraBand portfolio increases the flexibility of operators to support multiple frequency bands—those in use today as well as in the future—with potentially only one antenna per sector, the company said. The UltraBand portfolio readies operators for future spectrum and technology needs while supporting legacy 2G and 3G networks and deploying 4G.

“The future is never certain, and the direction in which wireless technology will evolve for each operator is not always clear,” said Ben Cardwell, senior vice president of global wireless sales, CommScope. “With UltraBand solutions, operators will have the infrastructure in place to support an extremely wide range of RF spectrum and standards.”

UltraBand, part of the Andrew portfolio of wireless solutions, now includes more models of the Argus UltraBand base station antenna system, including the version with internal smart bias tee that received the Network Product Guide’s 2013 Gold Award for innovation.

The expanded UltraBand antenna portfolio increases an operator’s ability to support a variety of site configurations with multiple port options and independent beam optimization. UltraBand antennas are engineered for PIM (passive intermodulation) suppression and support all major air-interface technologies (GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA, and LTE) in almost all frequency bands. 

The portfolio also now includes a new family of UltraBand diplexers that operate across an ultra-wideband frequency range of 380-960 MHz and 1710-2690 MHz. UltraBand diplexers complement the overall solution by enabling cable sharing at multi-technology sites.

CommScope also offers tower mounted amplifiers, same band and multiband combiners as part of its RF conditioning solutions that also enable antenna and cable sharing.

CommScope bundles other macro site products and services to make a comprehensive UltraBand solution. Included in the package are:

  • PIM-certified HELIAX SureFlex jumper cables, fibre and coaxial feeder cables and accessories that offer additional performance assurance to the outdoor macro site
  • Structural supports
  • Design, installation, optimization and commissioning services
  • A unique RF path warranty that is available for select solution packages.

CommScope also offers ultra-wideband distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions for indoor and outdoor, low and high power RF applications. For example, Cell-Max MIMO antennas distribute high capacity with ultra-wideband performance to sports arenas, concert halls and other traffic-heavy sites. These antennas support an ultra-wideband frequency range, offering similar benefits as multi-sector macro antenna models.

The UltraBand solution helps operators manage space restrictions on crowded cell towers by enabling multiband implementations. This versatile capability enables operators to deploy one antenna, for example, instead of two or three, saving on site approvals and installation time, as well as tower leasing cost. Operators can activate almost any new spectrum holdings in the future as long as they fall within the supported frequency ranges.

“The technology deployed in wireless networks will continue to evolve uniquely in each region and for each operator,” said Cardwell. “Our UltraBand portfolio prepares operators to meet subscriber demands now and in the future.”

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