Starhome MACH announces US patent for its LTE roaming broker

Roaming broker will help mobile operators increase revenues by enabling sharing of roaming infrastructure with other group member networks

Starhome MACH announces US patent for its LTE roaming broker

Starhome MACH, the provider of market-driven network and clearing house services for the roaming industry, announced today (20 November 2013) that Starhome has been granted a US patent for the core technologies of its LTE Roaming Broker service. 

Implementing LTE roaming agreements for network operators is costly and time consuming, and during the lengthy time spent securing roaming agreements, operators lose significant revenue potential. The LTE Roaming Broker solution enables operators with LTE roaming agreements to sponsor networks without such agreements, allowing these networks to offer inbound and outbound roaming based on the sponsoring network’s existing roaming agreements and signalling infrastructure.

With LTE Roaming Broker, operators can offer LTE roaming more quickly as there is no need for heavy investment in bilateral LTE roaming agreements and direct roaming integration. The current patent also covers VoLTE (Voice over LTE) brokering, and supports hybrid scenarios of legacy (2G/3G) and LTE roaming (such as circuit switched fallback).

“Starhome invests significantly in innovation to ensure we can solve key issues facing the market,” explained Shai Ophir, chief technology officer at Starhome MACH. “This patent is yet another milestone in our extensive intellectual property portfolio, ultimately focused on benefitting our customers. With the rapid growth of LTE technology worldwide, LTE roaming is critical for our customers. Our goal is to simplify the transition by providing the most powerful LTE solutions available in the market today.”

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