Zinwave’s DAS chosen as solution by wholesale data centres in the US

Wideband active distributed antenna system (DAS) technology facilitates flexible working practices and BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives by ensuring optimal cellular coverage in-building

Zinwave’s DAS chosen as solution by wholesale data centres in the US

Zinwave, the provider of wideband active distributed antenna systems (DAS) technology, is enabling data centre owners to fulfil their obligatory requirements of providing onsite workers with reliable cellular coverage for general communications, operational and safety and purposes.

Data centre facilities must satisfy numerous regulatory standards relating to power consumption, energy efficiency, noise levels and data security. They must also ensure that all onsite staff, third-party contractors and customers have unlimited access to cellular services, regardless of carrier, to facilitate flexible working practices and BYOD initiatives being widely adopted across all industry sectors.

While reinforced building materials and complex internal structures enable data centres to achieve their PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) and DCIE (Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency) targets (created by the Green Grid to reduce CO2 emissions), they are also impeding the transmission of all cellular frequencies.

Zinwave’s in-building active DAS is being chosen as the system of choice because it is allowing data centre owners to satisfy their obligatory communications requirements cost effectively. It is able to provide carrier-neutral coverage for all wireless services on a single hardware layer, resulting in reduced cost with higher utility.

Zinwave’s in-building coverage system is the only wideband active DAS on the market globally that is frequency-agnostic, the company claims. It supports multiple services and frequencies, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme, between 150MHz-2700MHz on a single hardware layer and removes the need for complex, multi-layer infrastructures associated with traditional installations.

Zinwave’s DAS is also fibre-based, offering an ‘install-once’ infrastructure. Spare fibre can be incorporated into the initial communications framework, so that new technologies, such as MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output), can be supported on the same installation, as they become available.

It avoids the need for expensive and disruptive cabling overhauls or hardware upgrades to support new 4G services, ensuring optimal use of investment and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership per installation.

Laddy Fleming, executive vice president of world-wide sales & marketing, Zinwave, said: “Demand for cloud computing is growing and data centres that don’t  future-proof their cellular coverage requirements will need to overhaul their communications infrastructure as 4G services via MIMO are rolled out. 

“Our DAS offers data centre owners an “install once” solution that has been future-proofed to accommodate all spectrum evolution formats, avoiding the need for ‘rip and replace’, making it a highly attractive business proposition.”

Zinwave DAS technology is currently being deployed in wholesale data centres across multiple states in the US, the company stated.

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