Amdocs announces new network-based solutions and partner programme

New solutions address small cell roll-out and intelligent Wi-Fi offload, as well as a new policy and charging ecosystem partner programme

Amdocs announces new network-based solutions and partner programme

Amdocs has unveiled new offerings designed to address telecommunication service providers’ increasing requirements for network-based solutions.

Amdocs announced two new solutions: Amdocs Small Cell Solution, to speed the roll-out and deployment of small cell technology; and Amdocs Smart Net Solution, an intelligent Wi-Fi offload solution; as well as the Amdocs Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Ecosystem partner programme designed to fast-track new data-monetisation solutions. The new offerings include:

Small Cell Solution

As mobile data traffic continues to soar, service providers face a huge network capacity challenge and are looking to leverage small cells to expand their networks. Due to the high-volume, high-density nature of typical small cell deployments, a new approach is needed to accelerate the entire deployment process, from design to active deployment.

Amdocs Small Cell Solution provides this approach. Based on a comprehensive planning, engineering and deployment platform, this solution combines automated technical design with dynamic project planning using network technology-specific building blocks.

The small cell solution provides enhanced visibility and control to run multiple, high-volume projects at lower cost and in shorter time. Expected benefits include:

  • up to 25% reduction in time and costs for small cell roll-outs
  • more than 30% reduction in network design time
  • the ability for service providers to roll out thousands of small cell sites each month.

Smart Net Solution

Service providers are increasingly leveraging Wi-Fi to reduce costs, increase revenue, differentiate their service and combat churn, while also using Wi-Fi to offload data traffic and reduce congestion on crowded mobile networks. 

With intelligent Wi-Fi offload capabilities, the Amdocs Smart Net Solution enables service providers to deliver a seamless customer experience - based on a customer’s personalised profile and value - across networks, maximise revenues and alleviate network congestion.

Amdocs Smart Net features automatic session monitoring of user activity and network conditions, minimising subscriber disruption by delivering a seamless experience as they move between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Leveraging Amdocs Connection Manager, Amdocs Smart Net Solution gives service providers access to network performance data from the user’s perspective and can increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by driving offload and onload decisions based on subscriber value, data plans and policy.

PCC Ecosystem partner programme

This expansion of Amdocs’ Enreach partner programme will address service providers’ lack of integration in the network control domain by bringing together policy, charging, inline monetisation, deep packet inspection (DPI), optimisation and analytics vendor specialists.

The programme’s goal is to create the industry’s broadest ecosystem of partners working together to develop new offerings and service provider use cases. Amdocs PCC Ecosystem will be part of the Amdocs Experience Center, which will create real-life demonstrations of the new solutions, so service providers can see firsthand the value of PCC integration. The facility will give service providers a logical starting point for innovating and incubating new ideas. 

“Today’s announcement, combined with the introduction of Amdocs Charging Smart Start solution earlier this year, moves Amdocs appreciably closer to the network software domain - expanding our customer experience portfolio to manage customer experience across both networks and IT, enabling service providers deploying advanced networks to increase efficiencies and revenues,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs.

“These solutions and our new partner program reinforce Amdocs’ unique ability to help service providers deliver a truly differentiated and integrated customer experience from any point of interaction down to the network, successfully bridging IT and network requirements.”

“Amdocs’ move towards the network software domain is part of a clear industry trend,” said Shagun Bali, analyst with Ovum. “Knowing what’s happening at the network level provides granular data about the customer – who they are, where they are, what they’re doing – this information is critical for service providers to deliver the kinds of personalised services their customers expect.” 

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