Selex ES to co-ordinate pan-European project for joint emergency operations

ISITEP, the inter system interoperability for TETRA-TETRAPOL networks, seeks to co-ordinate a number of EU public safety two-way radio systems to enhance responses to cross-border crime and provide more protection against data intrusion

Selex ES to co-ordinate pan-European project for joint emergency operations

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is to coordinate a European project aimed at promoting interoperability between TETRA and TETRAPOL two-way radio emergency service networks.

The project involves 15 partner organisations and 12 additional members of the advisory board from 15 European countries, which will manage the ISITEP (Inter system interoperability for TETRA-TETRAPOL networks) project - part of the seventh European Framework programme.

With a value of over 15 million Euros and a lifespan of 36 months, the ISITEP project will realize a pan-European framework for the integration of different Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) organisations merging communications technology, operational procedures and the legal framework.

For the first time all the existing European national public safety networks will be involved with their reference end-users.

Thanks to the increased cooperation achieved through this project, a better management of migration at the European national borders is expected with a reduction of cross border crime activities and a more effective protection against data intrusion due to the higher level of security of the involved professional networks

Similar significant improvements are expected in disaster relief management. The continuous reduction in PPDR budget cannot efficiently face the increasing impact of emergencies in the world, with over 300 natural disasters reported in 2011, over 27.000 casualties and 380 billion euro of damages.

These side effects may be in principle reduced by sharing on the field across the national resources worldwide, but this approach is limited due to the lack of interoperable communication systems, common procedures and legal agreements at national level.

Within this context, ISITEP will deliver operational procedures and an integrated European communication network framework with new smart terminals for more effective first responder cooperation. Project results will be validated during transnational exercises involving emergency operators in case of major disasters and public safety intervention.

Extensive trials will validate ISITEP’s outcomes with the involvement of all PPDR organizations at Norway-Sweden border, police cross border cooperation in the German Belgian, Dutch and Spanish area, airplane disaster scenario in Geneva border and a main police exercitation in Brussels site involving eight European countries.

The ISITEP consortium includes: the Belgian Federal Police; the directorate for emergency communication of Norway; the Swedish Civil contingencies Agency of Sweden; the Netherland Ministry of Security and Justice; the Amper company from Spain; Cassidian Finland Oy; Cassidian system France; Motorola Solutions; the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ISCOM: Italian Ministry of Economic Development); the Italian Roma Tre University; the Netherland TNO (Organization for Applied Scientific Research); the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya; Devoteam from Spain; and Net Technologies from Greece.

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