Paradox Engineering offers smart parking management for smart cities

PE.AMI Parking Management solution is designed to improve livability, sustainability and economy for cities by managing traffic and reducing congestion and CO2

Paradox Engineering offers smart parking management for smart cities

Paradox Engineering has launched its PE.AMI Parking Management solution - a new off-the-shelf vertical application for managing parking lots in a smarter and more efficient way.

PE.AMI Parking Management allows municipalities to remotely control parking lots and offers citizens a full range of data related to available parking in a specific area, the duration of each parking and by when it will be free, with great benefits in terms of time, fuel and stress saving.

The new solution builds on Paradox Engineering range of PE.AMI technology based Smart City applications, including advanced meter reading, lighting management, solid waste to electric water management, and many more. Now in its industrialisation phase, the new parking management solution is available for pilot projects, proof of concepts and field tests, and will be fully available from Spring 2014.

Parking management is a real hot topic in most cities and urban areas around the world, since deeply related to traffic congestion, atmospheric pollution and overall quality of city life. Independent studies show that about 30% of road congestion is due to parking search, which on average requires 15 to 20 minutes, increasing driving time by up to 40%; kilometers travelled by up to 20%; and CO2 emissions by up to 10% for each car.

In France alone, for example, every year 70 million hours are spent while looking for parking – clearly a major cause of drivers’ frustration. Road congestion costs Europe 1% of GDP every year and has a highly negative impact on shops and other businesses –, with an estimated negative impact on business of over 700 million Euro: it has been calculated that 50% of people who can’t find a free parking lot in a few minutes leave the area and refrain from shopping.

Sound parking management, therefore, is a powerful mean to help achieve environmental goals and improve neighborhood livability, but also represents a lever for cities to economic vitality, Paradox Engineering argues.

PE.AMI Parking Management

The PE.AMI Parking Management solution includes hardware (nodes and gateways) and software (Central Management Suite) to build a wireless full mesh self-configuring and self-healing network to collect, store and bi-directionally deliver advanced information about parking lots, specifically the presence of a car, the duration of the parking and its payment.

Real time information about parking will be available to drivers before and during their trips via variable message signs, static way finding signs, web, smartphone applications, and text messages (SMS). This will enable people to make more informed travel choices and, if driving, find a parking space faster.

Enabling predictive modelling

Moreover the systematic collection of information on how the parking resources are used over time will allow cities to develop predictive models whose applications are the key for planning and therefore to support livability and sustainability for cities.

Making parking search easier and quicker, Paradox Engineering’s solution allows people to save time and fuel, therefore contributing to reducing traffic congestion and increasing life quality in our cities. Additionally, it will allow shops and businesses to implement advanced services such as parking reservation, parking coupons, and real-time and future parking space availability to customers, thus positively affecting sales opportunities and revenues over time.

“PE.AMI Parking Management represents a further step for Cities seeking to be Smart, enabling municipalities to transform parking areas into revenue opportunities and improve Citizen’s satisfaction,” explained Gianni Minetti, CEO, Paradox Engineering.


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