Imtradex unveils BlueTalk interface product for Bluetooth-enabled devices

BlueTalk provides a reliable link to connect Bluetooth enabled two-way radios and other devices such as mobile phones to remote headsets

Imtradex unveils BlueTalk interface product for Bluetooth-enabled devices

Imtradex, the specialist hearing and speech systems equipment provider, has been demonstrating its new BlueTalk interface designed to provide a reliable connection between Bluetooth devices and remote headsets.

The company noted that Bluetooth has recently gained acceptance as a standard for connecting different devices to digital radios. Many critical communication processes are already done via Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and radio devices - including ones used by police authorities and enterprises.

Specialized headsets are often used to allow users a problem-free radio-based exchange of information with colleagues without restricting their freedom of movement.

However, what is often missing from this exchange is a reliable link that connects the Bluetooth device with the headset. To fill this gap Imtradex has created its BlueTalk interface device, which features a Bluetooth standard version 2.1 connection, including secure simple pairing.

Imtradex describes BlueTalk as a ‘handy, easy-to-use tool,’ which is compatible with many headsets and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and radio devices. It can be used, for example, to connect to an Apple iPhone.

In addition to a built-in talk button, it comes with a wireless send button, which can have one button (PTT only), two buttons (PTT and full duplex) or four buttons with different options available.

Ralf Kudernak, managing director at Imtradex, said that it is just as easy to answer and terminate calls, as it is to connect the BlueTalk to various devices. In addition, voice messages give out status messages and warnings.

The BlueTalk was developed especially for use by the police and industry, but it can also be used in other areas, according to Imtradex. The BlueTalk has a long battery life, due to the integrated lithium-polymer battery, as well as a dirt and water resistant membrane keyboard. A clothing clip to fasten the device on to a belt is included with the BlueTalk.

The BlueTalk device was presented at the CCExpo in Hamburg (23-24 October 2013) and will be on show at PMR Expo in Cologne from the 26-28 November 2013 (Booth A16). 

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