Procom introduces new distributed antenna systems components

New multiband tapper and range of directional couplers added to Procom’s portfolio of RF products

Procom introduces new distributed antenna systems components

Procom UK Systems, the distributer for Procom A/S, the Danish designer and manufacturer of antennas, filters and combining equipment, has recently launched new components for use with distributed antenna systems (DAS).

First up is a new tapper - the PRO-TAP 380-2700 - a multiband tapper covering the 380-2700MHz band. It provides ‘excellent high power performance coupled with low insertion loss over the entire frequency range’ according to the company.

Power tappers are devices that tap off a portion of the signal while allowing the rest of the signal to pass through with a minimum of loss. Tappers operate similar to directional couplers, but without the directivity and have relatively broad bandwidths. Tappers are used where small coupling values are not required.

Key features: PRO-TAP 380-2700

  • 500W power
  • 6, 10 and 20 dB coupling
  • Low VSWR on input/output ports.
  • No directivity.
  • Coupled port must be terminated.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • High Power.
  • Accurate coupling values.

Directional Couplers

Procom has also introduced a new range of directional couplers, which provide isolation between outputs along with directivity. Couplers are used when small coupling values and isolation between outputs is required.

Bands covered include: 80-140, 112-200, 200-300, 300-400, 380-430, 380-470, 300-1000 and 800-2500MHz.

Key features: Procom directional coupler

  • Coupling 10, 20, 30dB.
  • Low VSWR on all ports.
  • Directivity.
  • Isolation between outputs.
  • Moderate bandwidth.
  • High Power.
  • Rippling in coupling value over frequency.
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