Alcatel-Lucent awarded TDD-LTE contract by US mobile carrier Sprint

Roll out will support Sprint’s 4G network expansion using its newly acquired 2.5GHz spectrum in the United States, which will provide access to new services and applications such as gaming and high-definition video streaming

Alcatel-Lucent awarded TDD-LTE contract by US mobile carrier Sprint

Alcatel-Lucent has been selected by Sprint as one of its equipment vendors for its new ultra-broadband TDD-LTE mobile access network, making use of newly-acquired 2.5GHz spectrum in the US.

Sprint’s choice of TDD-LTE for this network expansion will be the first use of the technology in a national deployment in North America. TDD LTE’s capabilities will allow Sprint to deliver immense capacity to its customers in the United States in support of next-generation services and applications, such as gaming and high-definition video streaming.

Sprint’s selection of Alcatel-Lucent follows the announcement last month of China Mobile choosing Alcatel-Lucent’s TDD LTE solution, demonstrating the technology’s growing momentum and Alcatel-Lucent's increasing footprint in LTE overall.

Sprint is deploying Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE solution, which includes its lightRadio Radio Access Network (RAN) antennas and cabling a complete set of professional services such as radio frequency (RF) design, system integration and optimization, site acquisition and construction.

4G LTE is a key element of The Shift Plan, Alcatel-Lucent’s recovery and restructuring strategy to become a specialist vendor of IP Networking and Ultra-Broadband Access.

Bob Azzi, senior vice oresident, network for Sprint, said: “This is a significant step for Sprint as we continue to grow our network and pursue our goal to offer customers the fastest, most powerful mobile broadband network available anywhere. Having worked hand-in-hand with Alcatel-Lucent throughout the Network Vision and initial 4G LTE rollout, we have confidence in its technology and its people to help introduce this new era of high-speed broadband access.”

Charles Marsh, president, North America sales for Alcatel-Lucent, said: “Sprint is placing its confidence in our strategy for 4G LTE. Based on our efforts to support Network Vision, we have the capabilities and technology to bring about this next step in mobile network evolution.

“We look forward to supporting Sprint’s vision to greatly expand mobile broadband coverage with TDD LTE technologies that will provide customers with a consistent, high-quality experience no matter where they may be, such as heavily populated urban areas and inside commercial and residential buildings.”

Nokia Solutions & Networks has also won a contract to supply equipment for Sprint’s TDD-LTE roll out.

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