NSN builds on telco cloud solution with multi-stack cloud approach

Approach is designed to enables operators to take advantage of maximum agility and flexibility in building telco cloud ecosystems by supporting traditional networks and allowing them to choose the most competitive hardware and cloud platform

NSN builds on telco cloud solution with multi-stack cloud approach

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is reinforcing its multi-stack approach to telco cloud to give operators full flexibility in their choice of cloud platforms. In recent trials and proof of concept projects with Tier 1 operators, the company said it has demonstrated the reliability of its core virtualisation and its capability to adapt cloud IT platforms to meet the demands of telco cloud.

Cloud computing technology is expected to help organizations achieve higher operational efficiency, greater flexibility, faster time-to-service and lower Capex and Opex. NSN said it will ‘continue to build on its experience and leadership position in telco cloud by leveraging common off-the-shelf hardware and any industry-dominant cloud stacks’.

The company’s approach to telco cloud, which is based on its Liquid Core architecture, will enable mobile networks to support several cloud stacks simultaneously, achieving maximum flexibility while protecting investments.

“NSN supports multiple stack solutions such as OpenStack and VMware,” said Thorsten Robrecht, VP of MBB portfolio management at NSN. “As well as enabling operators to increase the flexibility and agility of core network infrastructure, we are committed to creating a telco cloud ecosystem that supports the co-existence of traditional networks and cloud environments and gives operators the option of choosing the most competitive hardware and cloud platform for their specific needs.

“Our recent proof of concept projects demonstrated in practice how we enable telco cloud by running our core network software on top of virtualized network infrastructure. In the process, we are moving from the virtualization of single network elements to full cloud orchestration, including cloud application management.”

NSN has also launched its cloud-ready NetAct 8, which helps simplify network operations, reduce operational expenses and deliver very high availability. NetAct 8 includes the NSN Cloud Application Manager, which provides off-the-shelf management, orchestration and elasticity for virtual network functions.

NSN’s multi-stack cloud approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to further developing carrier-grade telco cloud solutions, it stated. NSN is working closely on cloud technology with major operators, leading cloud stack vendors such as VMware Inc., open source cloud platforms such as OpenStack and ETSI Network Functions Virtualization Industry Specification (NFV) Group.

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