Ericsson to provide real-time Cloud-based services for consumers and enterprises

Ericsson aims to open up new services with real-time capabilities in the cloud by combining a service provider software-defined networking (SDN) architectural framework with the Ericsson Cloud System

Ericsson to provide real-time Cloud-based services for consumers and enterprises

Ericsson is combining its service provider SDN architectural framework with the Ericsson Cloud System solution to open up for new services with real-time capabilities, while improving efficiency for operator networks and IT resources.

The company is introducing network slicing - a new network and business model that tailors the network, cloud and management to accommodate individual needs per service for consumers and enterprises.

For example, a car is driving down the road – a car that like so many others today is connected to the cloud. At the same time, the auto manufacturer is performing remote engine supervision, and the navigation system is receiving new map updates. In the back seat, the entertainment system streams video and, in the event it is needed, the emergency road assistance will send an emergency call. This type of real-time, individualized service segmentation will soon be possible.

Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO, Ericsson, said: “Operators are in a unique position to leverage the real-time capabilities of their networks when providing cloud-based services. By combining service provider SDN with the cloud, we give operators the opportunity to provide cloud services and applications that are tailored to be of real value to their customers, faster and with greater quality.”

The Ericsson Cloud System provides a common delivery platform that gives the flexibility and elasticity to deploy software applications and virtualised network functions wherever they are needed in the network. The inclusion of service provider SDN architecture enables network resources to be allocated and controlled dynamically in real time across the operator network, without compromising service quality. An automated and dynamic orchestration of network resources will ensure efficient operation.

Together, service provider SDN framework and the Ericsson Cloud System enable a concept called network slicing, an innovative network and business model that creates new possibilities, including:

  • virtual tailoring of cloud and management, which adds real-time capabilities for different services and device types
  • fulfilment of service quality requirements for enterprises and consumer segments as needed. An example is creating instant VPNs for secure file transfer over public Wi-Fi.

From its strong market position in networks, Ericsson has a unique opportunity to help operators smoothly migrate to service provider SDN. A unified management and orchestration solution that handles both legacy services and new SDN-based services will ensure a smooth evolution to a high-performing and efficient network.



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