NSN commercialises enhanced voice call continuity for VoLTE

Enables operators with selective LTE coverage to provide VoLTE; enhanced functionality keeps users on LTE connection longer; and equips operators to take full advantage of both LTE and current network

NSN commercialises enhanced voice call continuity for VoLTE

Nokia Solutions and Networks has unveiled new solutions to deal with session continuity when voice calls on 4G enabled devices fall back to 2G and 3G networks.

NSN’s voice call continuity solution complements voice over LTE (VoLTE) by enabling seamless handovers to 2G or 3G networks. The enhanced solution optimises VoLTE network connection quality and control with better bearer switching and shorter delay.

This allows for faster and more precise handover, enabling longer use of VoLTE within LTE coverage. To help operators ensure that their LTE customers benefit from the best service quality for both voice and data, NSN is also expanding its service quality manager (SQM) with a VoLTE content pack.

In addition to high speed data, the delivery of high-definition VoLTE is becoming increasingly attractive. This is thanks to fast call setup times and HD voice quality, as well as the fact that voice can be carried more efficiently over LTE. To enable VoLTE offering across both variants of LTE networks, NSN has commercialised its enhanced single radio voice call continuity (eSRVCC) solution.

NSN provides full VoLTE functionality with IMS core and telephony application server (TAS) core with seamless integration to existing 2G or 3G core networks, and with accelerated hand-over process between different access networks.

The NSN solution optimises network behaviour at the border of the FDD-LTE or TD-LTE coverage, which is a critical element for the commercial introduction of VoLTE on LTE networks. NSN said it is particularly well placed in the VoLTE arena with 12 commercial contracts and IMS deployment in the world’s largest live LTE network.

“Once subscribers get a taste of high-speed data, ultra fast call set-up times and HD-voice quality of 4G LTE networks, they’re keen to stay on 4G wherever they can,” explained Michael Clever, vice president, Voice and IP Transformation at NSN. “We have implemented enhanced SRVCC functionality as a software upgrade on top of our existing IMS/VoLTE core, further simplifying network deployments.”

As voice quality is one of the key differentiators for VoLTE, ensuring top service quality is naturally a high priority. NSN service quality manager (SQM) now features a new VoLTE content pack in order to monitor the VoLTE service in real-time, across multi-technology, multi-vendor networks.

SQM can correlate network events to provide one view, through which operators can see all relevant information at a glance, helping them identify faults 70% sooner and resolving them 20% faster.


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