NSN supplies NTT DOCOMO with new location-based services

Location-based services get a boost after Nokia Solutions and Networks adds GLONASS satellites to existing GSM ones so mobile subscribers can experience benefits from enhanced positioning accuracy

NSN supplies NTT DOCOMO with new location-based services

Nokia Solutions and Networks has provided Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO with its advanced location system, which supports Assisted Global Navigation Satellite System (A-GLONASS) positioning technology, thus contributing to even greater convenience in location positioning.

As the number of smartphone users continues to grow, demand for location-based services such as navigation, local information services and advertisements, concierge services and check-in applications is also on the rise.

In urban areas with high-rise buildings, however, it is challenging to acquire enough visible GPS satellites needed for positioning. By adopting A-GLONASS positioning technology, the number of visible GPS satellites can be supplemented with GLONASS satellites, thus improving the positioning success rate.

“Location-based services are clearly important to customers,” said Hiroshi Nakamura, managing director of the core network development department at NTT DOCOMO. “We have adopted A-GLONASS positioning so that our customers can use location- based services whenever and wherever. In future, our customers will be able to enjoy location-based services even in places where buildings are packed closely together.”

“Based on the longstanding collaboration between our two companies, NSN’s sound understanding of NTT DOCOMO’s location-based service requirements has enabled us to assist in its adoption of A-GLONASS positioning technology,” said Michael Clever, vice president, voice and IP transformation at NSN.

“We built the A-GLONASS solution to address the increasing customer need for personalized high-accuracy positioning services, especially in densely inhabited locations. High-end positioning services also offer an opportunity for new revenue sources for operators,” said Clever.

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