NSN continues evolution of its Managed Services business portfolio

Focus areas include automation, cloud-based delivery and end user experience

NSN continues evolution of its Managed Services business portfolio

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) has enhanced its Managed Services business and is evolving its related portfolio in line with the company’s recent innovations in mobile broadband it said today (10 October 2013).

Over the last year, automation, cloud-based delivery and end user experience have been key areas of focus to evolve the Managed Services portfolio.

With high smartphone penetration and boom in mobile data consumption, the importance of ensuring top-of-class customer experience with proactive service management increases. Thanks to innovations in Managed Services, such as the NSN Service Operations and Management solution, faults can be detected and services restored faster.

For example, an APAC based operator saw 70% reduction in the time it takes to detect faults and 21% faster restoration of services. This shows that further network, service and customer layer analytics can help operators substantially optimize marketing, operations and customer care activities as well.

Next generation services, such as Service Management, are increasingly important for ensuring smooth mobile broadband user experience and the interest in these services is growing.

At the same time, Network Managed Services outsourcing remains a strong base business model for operators to improve network and service performance and to reduce operational expenses – providing a reliable backbone for Service Management as well.

“We are committed to supporting our customers to provide the best mobile broadband services to their customers. Outsourcing is one strategic path for some operators, and with NSN’s proven Managed Services architecture and our focus on continuously evolving our portfolio, we are the right partner to help them deliver the best every day experience to the end users,” said Eva Elmstedt, executive vice president, Global Services at NSN. “All in all, Managed Services is an integral part of NSN’s overall portfolio, strengthening the bridge between our products and services.”

NSN noted that it has over 15 years of experience in Managed Services of different scale and in various markets. NSN signed its first Managed Services deal in 1998 to build and operate an operator’s network prior to transferring the network operations to the customer.

Since the beginning, NSN has continued to develop the Managed Services business with steady steps. The introduction of the Global Network Operation Center model in 2006 has resulted in tool and process standardization, improved Service Level Agreement fulfilment and cost adherence predictability for its key Managed Services customers across the globe.

During the past year, NSN has further enhanced its Managed Services business approach, increased its overall operational efficiency and built mechanisms for evaluating and managing the Managed Services deals into success. At the same time, NSN has been looking for new opportunities and continued or renewed nearly 90% of its existing Managed Services contracts.

For example, in India NSN has recently renewed all of its Managed Services contracts, while increasing services scope and improving key performance indicators and service level agreement requirements at the same time. Voice and data is ranking NSN number one in the Indian Managed Services market again this year.


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