Cassidian CyberSecurity launches Keelback cyber protection system

New global service offer is designed to detect and fight advanced persistent cyber threats using a combination of sensors and software to provide real-time identification and characterisation of cyber threats

Cassidian CyberSecurity launches Keelback cyber protection system

Cassidian CyberSecurity has launched Keelback, its dedicated solution for detecting and fighting advanced persistent cyber threats on IT-networks of a targeted company.

Advanced persistent cyber attacks are tailor-made to steal sensitive information or intellectual property from their targets. These attacks represent a real danger to all organisations and hence must be fought at various levels of the targeted company's network. This is what Cassidian CyberSecurity brings with Keelback.

Keelback aims to detect cyber threats and defend a company’s information systems using three distinct and complementary modules deployed on different network levels: on workstations of the company's IT stock (KeelbackHost); on its network environment (KeelbackNet); and to refine “off-line” detection of malicious events (KeelbackLog). All modules can be used on site or remotely.

All collected information is secured and capitalised in Cassidian CyberSecurity's knowledge base that gathers all details on attackers' signatures and modi operandi. Thanks to this database, which is continuously enriched with latest information, it is possible to know in real time how malicious an intrusion is and to provide countermeasure data in order to stop its development.

Keelback is a unified solution developed for all companies and sensitive organisations that wish to dispose of the most accurate capability to identify threats, including the most recent ones.


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