Omnitronics releases RediTALK digital dispatch console

PC-based dispatch console supports a range of different technologies and is based on pure radio over IP infrastructure, so there is no need for a server or switch

Omnitronics releases RediTALK digital dispatch console

Omnitronics, the provider of mission critical dispatch management systems, has announced the release of RediTALK - a PC-based digital dispatch console. RediTALK supports a range of technologies: analogue and digital; conventional and trunked; open-standard and proprietary.

Built on a pure Radio over IP (RoIP) infrastructure without the use of a server or switch, RediTALK provides ultimate flexibility: it can be placed in any location on your network over wide geographical areas.

Furthermore, RediTALK makes dispatch simple by allowing full interface customisability and intuitive touch-screen controls. Advanced digital functionality such as individual calls, text messaging and GPS is available as standard.

“RediTALK is the product of collaboration with many of our partners and customers worldwide,” said John Florenca, CEO of Omnitronics.

“RediTALK was designed to meet the needs of organizations that want a dispatch console that is easy to install, simple to use and with straightforward pricing. Leveraging our experience with RoIP technology and our existing building blocks, RediTALK provides a level of interoperability that is cost-effective, especially for organizations that are migrating to new digital networks or using a combination of digital and analog technologies.”

RediTALK is available worldwide through Omnitronics’ extensive reseller network.

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