Zinwave DAS technology provides wireless coverage for shipping

Zinwave in-building wireless system deployed by boat owners and captains on super yachts, commercial vessels and cruise liners because of its low component count and future-proof advantages

Zinwave DAS technology provides wireless coverage for shipping

Zinwave, a provider of wideband active DAS technology for in-building wireless coverage, is facilitating ubiquitous onboard wireless coverage for the leisure and maritime industry to satisfy increased demand for unlimited access to mobile services in international waters.

Most cruise liners, super yachts and commercial vessels have a limited onboard network infrastructures and communication via satellite phone or laptop is no longer sufficient to meet passenger and crew demand for high speed access to voice and data services.

Reliable coverage is difficult to achieve because the metal structure of most maritime vessels blocks RF transmission, particularly on lower decks. In order to overcome these issues, not only do captains/boat owners require an onboard GSM network that supports international spectrums, they also need an effective means of amplifying RF signals to ensure optimal coverage in all areas.

Zinwave’s in-building active DAS is being increasingly chosen as the preferred solution because of its ability to do this cost effectively.

Zinwave’s primary hub connects to the onboard base station or repeater, its secondary hub is used to distribute the required services (which can be changed depending on location or licensing agreements) and its remote antennas are discretely installed throughout the vessel to provide optimal coverage.

Zinwave’s wideband active DAS is frequency-agnostic and supports multiple services and frequencies between 150MHz-2,700MHz regardless of modulation scheme or protocol.

The company claims that it is the only system globally that is capable of supporting commercial cellular services, public safety services, Wi-Fi services and private radio services, such as onboard walkie-talkie systems, on a single hardware layer.

It also eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure or hardware upgrades to accommodate new services, such as 4G LTE, as they become available, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership per installation and offering rapid ROI.

Colin Abrey, president of international sales, Zinwave, said: “The use of mobile phones is such an integral part of our daily lives that anywhere connectivity is taken for granted. Our DAS provides private yacht owners, cruise liners and charter ship companies with unlimited mobile coverage while at sea. Additional services can be added or removed on-demand as spectrum or licensing agreements vary, depending on their location, with no further investment or hardware components needed.”

Zinwave’s in-building wireless DAS is being deployed by a number of ship building yards in the UK and Europe.

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