NSN takes mobile broadband network operations into the cloud era

NetAct 8 is designed to enable mobile operators to virtualised their operations support systems thereby cutting costs and improving their business agility

NSN takes mobile broadband network operations into the cloud era

With NetAct 8, Nokia Solutions and Networks is virtualising and modernising its long-established Operations Support System (OSS) to make network operations simpler and nimbler.

NetAct 8’s single, end-to-end view of multi-technology, multi-domain and multi-vendor networks is designed to help operators run these networks more efficiently and with lower costs.

Also new are an off-the-shelf integration of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Service Quality Management (SQM) products as well as a Service Fulfillment Introduction Pack to help operators launch services in weeks instead of months.

NSN NetAct 8 is a virtualised, single OSS for managing radio, core and transport networks. It provides off-the-shelf management of Network Function Virtualization, simplifying network operations and reducing operational expenses.

NetAct 8 features a fast and easy-to-use interface with real-time performance information and powerful alarm correlation to reduce growing operational complexity. Virtualization enables NetAct 8 to deliver very high availability independent of any single hardware platform.

Furthermore, future upgrades can be done almost instantly. A single OSS provides unique operational benefits. For example, integrated radio and transport configuration management simplifies the creation of VPN-secured connections between the LTE base station and the Core network.

“Operators need a simpler way to run ever-more sophisticated networks as technologies like LTE and small cells are added. In this latest version of our industry-leading NetAct, we’ve brought OSS into the cloud age, using automation and virtualization to cut running costs, add greater flexibility and ensure superior network quality. NetAct 8 covers network operations with tight link to service operations, eliminating the need for multiple management systems,” said Peter Patomella, VP OSS at NSN.

To enhance service operations further, NSN is also launching off-the-shelf integration between Service Quality Manager and CEM on Demand. While SQM proactively identifies the occurrence and causes of service quality degradation, CEM on Demand shows the impact on the individual customer experience.

With these insights, operators can prioritise fixes with the highest impact. A positive customer experience results in more revenue and happier customers, with fewer calls to the customer care centre. The productised integration of SQM and CEM on Demand also enables faster deployment of customer-centric service operations.

The NSN Service Fulfillment Introduction Pack helps operators launch services in weeks instead of months. The service introduction pack, which links a service catalogue and central repository of subscriber services, allows operators to upgrade their fulfilment system in just a few weeks. When operational, it enables them to create new services, change existing ones and monetise them quickly.

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