Alcatel-Lucent confirms 4G TD-LTE contract with China

Alcatel-Lucent’s TD-LTE technology will be used to build part of China Mobile’s new 4G network using its lightRadio technology

Alcatel-Lucent confirms 4G TD-LTE contract with China

China Mobile (CMCC) has confirmed the selection of Alcatel-Lucent as one of a number of vendors contracted to roll out its new high-speed 4G network. A-L’s lightRadio 4G TD-LTE RAN technology will be used to construct 11% of the mobile broadband network.

China Mobile has been actively carrying out large-scale TD-LTE live network trials in China for more than three years and is now scaling the deployments. After the successful completion of China Mobile's 4G trial, this additional award to Alcatel-Lucent is 11% of CMCC’s strategic plan to deploy more than 207,000 TD-LTE base stations in China by the end of 2013. 

Ericsson and Nokia Solutions & Networks have a similar share of the work, while Chinese vendors ZTE and Huawei have around 50% between them. Other smaller Chinese suppliers make up the rest of the contract.

China is now the world’s largest market for mobile data services and smartphones, increasing at a rate of more than 50% each year. China Mobile has more than 750 million subscribers, which accounts for more than 60% of the total mobile subscriptions in the country. 

CMCC is deploying TD-LTE to help meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile Internet, video and data in the world’s largest Smartphone market. The agreement is another LTE win for Alcatel-Lucent, supporting ultra-broadband strategy in the recently announced ‘Shift Plan’ and includes a robust portfolio of Macro and Metro products field proven in the world’s largest networks.

The company has been closely involved with China Mobile in developing TD-LTE from the inception of the technology, and successfully demonstrated the first call using the platform more than five years ago, demonstrating HD video delivery over it three years ago. Alcatel-Lucent also showcased TD-LTE to the world during the Shanghai World Expo, another highlight in the journey of TD-LTE from prospect to reality.

Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, said: “This is an extremely significant win for Alcatel-Lucent and we look forward to helping China Mobile rapidly deploy the largest mobile broadband network in the world. By leveraging the ultra-broadband capabilities of our innovative TD-LTE lightRadio solution, China Mobile will have the ability to greatly expand mobile broadband coverage with a consistent, high quality subscriber experience, including challenging environments such as inside commercial and residential buildings.”

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