Mobily selects Ericsson to expand its network in Saudi Arabia

Ericsson to design and deploy 4G/LTE 1800MHz network in the Western region in Saudi Arabia, along with the expansion and upgrading of its 2G and 3G network

Mobily selects Ericsson to expand its network in Saudi Arabia

Etihad Etisalat, Mobily, has signed an agreement with Ericsson to introduce 4G/LTE 1800 in the Western region and to transform and expand its 2G, 3G network for improved coverage and speed with the delivery of end-to-end network features (radio, core and service layer charging). Further, the network expansion and enhanced capacity will allow Mobily to address the additional traffic expected on its network during the Hajj season.

Nasser AlNasser, chief operations officer, Mobily, said: "We are building a world class mobile network in Saudi Arabia with upgrade and enhancements to our 2G, 3G and 4G access which will offer our customers an enormous coverage and speed improvement. We have a long history of partnership with Ericsson and through our joint strategic collaboration we have been able to provide seamless network performance."

Overall with the latest network, charging policy features and the capacity expansions (GSM/LTE) that Mobily have procured it is now in a position to address the strong mobile broadband market and provide an enhanced end user experience to their increasing revenue generating customer base. Mobily continues to address the highly lucrative mobile broadband arena.

"As the uptake of smartphones increases in Saudi Arabia, so does the demand on connectivity and advanced services, and it becomes increasingly important to ensure that the network performs well in order to maintain subscribers’ loyalty," said Ali Eid, head of Ericsson, Saudi Arabia.

"Mobily’s strategic business objectives have always ensured that the company deploys the most advanced technology available in order to maintain subscribers’ satisfaction. Armed with Ericsson’s scalable and innovative solutions, Mobily will not only be able to accommodate the additional pressure on the network expected during Hajj, but will also be able to provide subscribers with an enhanced mobile experience throughout the year."

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