China Telecom’s full-service IMS network from ZTE reaches commercial operation

Coverage in Jiangsu and Fujian provinces approaches three million commercial users following network construction and the provision of large capacity core network services from ZTE

China Telecom’s full-service IMS network from ZTE reaches commercial operation

ZTE Corporation has announced that the full-service IMS (IP multi-media sub-system) solution it built for China Telecom has achieved commercialisation.

The network, which is the world’s largest under construction using IMS technology, is located in China’s Jiangsu and Fujian provinces and has approximately three million commercial users. In Jiangsu, user numbers have reached 1.5 million, and in Fujian, the network has approximately 1.4 million users.

As part of the network construction, ZTE provided large-capacity core network services to China Telecom. The ZTE fixed-network transformation solution fully interconnects with all existing access modes, including PRA (primary rate access), BRA (basic rate access), H.248, MGCP (media gateway control protocol), H.323 and others.

ZTE supports the most access modes of any vendor, helping to ensure smooth network evolution. To guarantee future multimedia service development, ZTE has also created convergence between intelligent services and new multimedia services.

The compnay also provides a complete network security solution at the levels of board, network element and regional disaster redundancy, as well as bypass mechanisms. The company has been given a top performance rating following security tests by China Telecom.

Liu Jianhua, CEO of ZTE’s core network product line, said: “ZTE is dedicated to building a full-service IMS network for China Telecom. The continued growth of this commercial development in Jiangsu and Fujian is evidence of this. We place a high value on our relationship with China Telecom.”

ZTE is a major end-to-end IMS supplier. To date, ZTE has signed more than 150 commercial and trial contracts globally for its IMS solutions. The company has the leading market share in China, and has installed IMS systems in many other countries, including Austria, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia the United States and Peru.

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