u-blox releases improved sub-meter GPS positioning module

NEO-7P sub-meter with differential GPS positioning dual-mode module is ideal for M2M surveying, agriculture and recreational applications

u-blox releases improved sub-meter GPS positioning module

Swiss-based u blox, the cellular and positioning modules and integrated circuits provider, has introduced an improved, low-power, compact, high-precision GPS module – the NEO-7P.

While remaining backwards compatible with its predecessor NEO-6P, the new module achieves standalone sub-meter precision based on single-frequency ‘Precise Point Positioning’ (PPP) technology.

Fully autonomous sub-meter performance can be realized for most outdoor applications within coverage of satellite based augmentation systems (SBAS) throughout North America (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS), and Japan (MSAS).

In areas where SBAS is unavailable, the NEO-7P achieves high-accuracy based on differential GPS (DGPS) positioning as an alternative to PPP. DGPS uses RTCM correction messages (correctional data defined by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) from a local reference station or aiding network to cancel out measurement error introduced by atmospheric distortion and variances in satellite orbits and clocks.

“The NEO-7P addresses many requirements for precise positioning used in surveying, mapping, marine, and clear-sky recreational applications. The solution delivers sub-meter positioning performance based on two techniques at a fraction of the cost of other high precision solutions. The solution is compact, requires no external base station, and uses a single frequency receiver,” said Thomas Nigg, VP product marketing at u-blox.

The device comes in u-blox’s compact NEO leadless chip carrier (LCC) module form factor. A UART, USB and I2C interface provide flexible connections to a host processor. It can also communicate directly with u blox’s SARA 2G, LISA 3G and TOBY LTE cellular modules.

The NEO-7P also provides complete GPS satellite raw data allowing further accuracy improvement based on post processing by an external host. Internal Flash memory allows simple firmware upgrades. The NEO-7P also supports Russian GLONASS Japanese QZSS positioning standards.

The module is suitable for vehicle, industrial and consumer applications.

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