Motorola Solutions unveils five new Mototrbo radios

New entry level portable and two entry level mobile radios sees Motorola extending its portfolio down the price range, while a new compact high tier radio and a mid-tier mobile complete the line up

Motorola Solutions unveils five new Mototrbo radios

Motorola Solutions has unveiled five new MOTOTRBO two-way radios for professional and commercial users to further expand its existing portfolio of digital mobile radios (DMR).

The company described the new introductions as designed to provide increased choice to users from across key markets such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, private security and services with a range of price points, functionalities and form factors to meet their needs. All the radios can operate in analogue mode if required.

For the first time Motorola has introduced entry level digital radios in the shape of the DP1400 hand portable and two in-vehicle mobile radios - the DM1000 series. Motorola also launched its first mid-tier digital mobile radio, the DM2600, while the DP3441 is a compact hand portable terminal in the company’s high tier range.

Tim Clark, director radio products & accessories for EMEA, said: “The launch of these products gives us a complete top to bottom portfolio of digital radios to meet all customer needs and price points and which will help drive the migration from analogue to digital.”


DP3441 hand portable (high-tier)

The DP3441 (pictured above) joins a number of other MOTOTRBO high tier hand portable radios comprising: the three in the DP4000 series; the slim, compact SL4000, which is aimed at hospitality, retail and security; and the two DP4000 Ex ATEX intrinsically safe radios.

All of these were launched in 2012. Motorola announced this week that the DP3000 range would be discontinued at the end of 2013 and completely replaced by the DP4000 radios.

The DP3441 operates on 4/5W RF power; is IP67 certified for dust and water protection and comes in VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (403-527MHz) versions and is capable of supporting up to 32 channels.

Other key features include: the capability of supporting Motorola’s IP Site Connect and the Capacity Plus trunking solution; integrated Bluetooth and GPS; Intelligent audio (the speaker varies volume output according to ambient noise environment); voice announcement (announces channel changes and apps running); radio management; and it is analogue compatible with integrated 5-tone signalling.

The radio can also incorporate and option board for more applications such encryption, man-down facilities and so on. A range of accessories is also available, which are attached using a slim, compact 8-pin connector with a quick, one-hand disconnect latch. Analogue chargers can be re-used


DP1400 hand portable (entry-tier)

Clark said these new entry-level portables are designed primarily for customers who just want simple digital voice communications. The radios again use 4/5W RF power, support 16 channels, come in VHF and UHF and include the basic MOTOTRBO features: dual capacity direct mode; basic privacy; radio management; transmit interrupt (unique to Motorola – a supervisor can interrupt a call); and voice announcement.

It can also be used as an analogue radio and then switched to digital via a software upgrade when the customer is ready. A new range of accessories is available including: remote speaker mic; surveillance earpiece; light headset and boom. Clark pointed out that the accessories have all been tested as a combined system to meet safety and compliance standards. Analogue CP040 batteries and chargers can be reused.


DM2600 in-vehicle mobile (mid-tier)

Motorola’s first mid-tier mobile radio comes in two power options: 25W and 40/45W RF power for countries where the higher power is legal. VHF and UHF options are available and the radio can support 256 channels. It features a monochrome alphanumeric display and is option board-capable to add third party apps. Software upgrade options include: enhanced privacy; analogue 5-tone signalling; and the Capacity Plus trunking solution.


DM1000 Series in-vehicle mobile (entry-tier)

The first MOTOTRBO entry level in-vehicle mobile radios come in two options: the DM1600 (pictured above), which can support 160 channels; and the DM1400, which supports 16 channels.

Again, both radios come in 25W and 40/45W RF power options and are available in both VHF and UHF bands. Both feature numeric and alphanumeric displays and come with the same fundamental MOTOTRBO features as the DP1400 above. Accessories include: a compact mic; a heavy duty palm mic; an enhanced keypad mic; and a telephone style handset.

Clark said that all the models are available for purchase now in EMEA, although not necessarily in every country. The DM2600 is not available in the UK, for example, as the different market dynamics mean there is no real market need for it.

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