US mobile operator adopts Anite’s LTE-A interoperability test cases

Anite’s SAS network simulator solution provides operator with a wide range of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation testing capabilities

US mobile operator adopts Anite’s LTE-A interoperability test cases

Wireless test equipment provider Anite announced today (24 September 2013) that a leading American mobile operator has implemented its test scripts for the qualification of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) devices in its rigorous acceptance programme.

Device and chipset manufacturers use the LTE-A testing capability within SAS, Anite’s interoperability testing solution, to accelerate acceptance of new LTE-A devices by the operator.

These test cases assess the protocol signalling related to LTE-A carrier aggregation (CA). Key industry players are already preparing for LTE-A, the next stage in mobile telecommunications, which will allow operators to offer wireless services equivalent to 'fibre to your phone'. LTE-A CA enables mobile operators to achieve superior data rates through combining spectrum resources.

Anite’s SAS provides mobile operators and device manufacturers with greater confidence as they prepare a new device for launch. Proven to cut device test time by 50% compared to performing similar tests in the field, SAS is also recognised for supporting a large number of Tier-1 operator device acceptance programmes.

Anite has recently made several announcements related to its achievements within LTE-Advanced: In February, Anite announced that it had achieved peak data rates with commercial devices for LTE-A carrier aggregation. Last month, Anite was first to release a verified eICIC enriched LTE-Advanced device testing solution.

Finally, Anite has achieved validation for the most number of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation protocol test cases by the PTCRB (a wireless device certification forum led by North American mobile operators).

These accomplishments highlight the advanced capability of the Anite 9000, Anite’s network simulator platform for lab-based device testing, which is used by the industry to execute development, conformance, interoperability and performance testing.

“Anite’s cutting-edge technology roadmap is a cornerstone to its key partnerships with leading mobile operators,” said Paul Beaver, products director at Anite. “This additional significant milestone will help to accelerate new highly capable devices to market.”

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