DECC confirms Telefónica and Arqiva for UK smart meter licences

The UK Department for Energy & Climate Change signs 15 year deals for the three communications service provider contracts, along with three other deals as part of the £12bn project

DECC confirms Telefónica and Arqiva for UK smart meter licences

The UK Government today (23 September 2013) confirmed contracts for its £12bn project that will see 53 million homes and small businesses fitted with smart meters by 2020. All the companies involved were announced as preferred bidders on 14 August 2013.

Smart DCC Ltd, part of Capital, has been granted the Data and Communications Company (DCC) licence worth approximately £175m over 12 years by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. The DCC licensee will manage the smart metering service on behalf of its users and will contract with and manage, the data and communications service providers

Arqiva Smart Metering (which includes Sensus, BT and Detica) has signed a contract with Smart DCC as communications service provider (CSP) for the North region (north of England and Scotland). The estimated value of the contract over 15 years is £625m).

Likewise, Telefónica UK has signed contracts with Smart DCC as CSP for the Centre (Midlands, East Anglia and Wales) and South (south of England) regions. The combined contracts are worth approximately £1.5bn over 15 years.

The Data Service Provider contract worth £75m over eight years has been confirmed as going to CGI IT. CGI IT is contracted to Smart DCC as well, and will develop and operate the system controlling the movement of messages to and from the smart meters.

Finally, Gemserv has signed a four year deal worth £10m to develop and maintain the smart energy code.

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