Selex ES provides TETRA system for World Cycling Championships 2013

Secure TETRA radio system will be used by civil protection and medical services in Florence and other towns; 140 portable radios will be supported

Selex ES provides TETRA system for World Cycling Championships 2013

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica Company, will provide the City of Florence with a secure radio network telecommunications based on the TETRA Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) standard to help ensure safety and security at the World Cycling Championships being hosted by City on 22-29 September 2013.

During the event, members of the Civil Protection and the 118 Emergency Medical Service will be able to rely upon the latest generation of digital mobile communications, which offers users high levels of safety and reliability. The system will also ensure radio coverage extends to the towns of Fiesole, Sesto Fiorentino, Signa and Campi Bisenzio.

Thanks to the TETRA system, operators of each organisation can continue to communicate as separate groups using a shared network infrastructure which, when required, can be connected through a simple command from the operations centre to instantly enhance interoperability.

The TETRA system also provides users with a geo-location capability through a GPS receiver integrated within the radio terminals. This allows the operations centre to constantly monitor the location of users to improve the coordination of activities and the safe running of the event.

The network designed by Selex ES specifically for the event, comprises:

  • An infrastructure to ensure the necessary and optimal radio coverage
  • An operations centre deployed at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of the Province/City of Florence (Olmatello), which will monitor the network, manage the communication of the working groups and locate users throughout the event
  • 140 portable radio terminals in use by operators located across the race course
  • An Integrated Mobile Security System (IMSS) designed and built by Selex ES to provide infrastructure support and management of operational activities.

Selex ES experts dedicated to this event will ensure operators receive the necessary training and ensure a technical support service for the entire duration of the event.


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