Revader introduces new range of re-deployable video security solutions

Five new PTZ and 360 degree cameras now available; building materials producer Hanson installs Revader Totem PTZ cameras in eight UK quarries

Revader introduces new range of re-deployable video security solutions

Revader Security, the Hayes-based, UK provider of redeployable video security solutions, has introduced a new range of PTZ (pan,tilt, zoom) and 360 degree rapid re-deployable cameras (pictured).

The company said that demand for high specification, rapid re-deployable video solutions continues to grow as national governments, local authorities and police worldwide look to work smarter by reacting quickly and effectively to combat activity in criminal and terrorist hotspots.   

Reflecting this increased demand, Revader Security has introduced five new vandal resistant rapid re-deployable models which collectively provide customers with the choice to capture D1 resolution images via a 36x zoom PTZ camera or HD images with a 360 degree camera.

All models offer the potential for 2Tb of video storage, with most being able to offer transmission through Wi-FI, Ethernet and 3G connectivity.

Hanson deploys Revader Totem PTZ cameras at eight UK quarries

Sabre Security Systems has installed Revader Totem PTZ cameras at eight quarries operated by building materials producer Hanson, part of the Heidelberg Cement Group.

Hanson invited a number of installers to submit proposals to supply and install a video surveillance solution which would provide comprehensive coverage at each of the eight quarries. Despite tough competition, Sabre Security Systems was awarded the contract based on its recommendations that Revader Totem PTZ cameras should be specified for the project. 

“Quarries are of course potentially very dangerous places to work in and understandably our clients take the safety of their employees, as well as visiting customers and sub-contractors, very seriously. They have therefore never hesitated to invest in the latest technology to ensure their sites comply at all times with very strict Health & Safety procedures,” said Chris Willett, director of Ellesmere Port based Sabre Security Systems.

“One of the main concerns, however, at each of the eight quarries has been the activity that may take place at night or when the sites are closed during holiday periods. There have, for example, been a number of diesel thefts, as well as incidents of youths trespassing just to have some fun, and by doing so they have caused damage and put themselves in harm’s way by attempting to play with dangerous machinery.” 

The Totem PTZ (pictured below) is a rapid re-deployable vandal resistant camera and recording solution with a 36x optical zoom lens that can be remotely controlled to allow operators to observe close up detail of any activity and track the movement of people, machinery or vehicles. When not remotely controlled, the camera can be programmed to move to up to 128 pre-set positions.

Its rugged construction makes it ideal for harsh environments such as quarries, whilst the camera’s day/night functionality means that it can capture high quality colour images when light levels are as low as 0.07 lux and monochrome images at 0.01 lux.

Available with the option of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, the Totem PTZ utilises the Linux based Wavestore video recording and management software which has been widely acclaimed for its user-friendliness.

“Although the Totem PTZ’s are designed to be re-deployable, in this instance they have proved to be a highly cost-effective and robust method of monitoring the quarries compared to traditional CCTV cameras,” said Chris Willett. “The obvious additional benefit is that if required they can be quickly and easily removed and installed at another site.”

A total of 13 Totem PTZ’s have been installed across the eight Hanson sites, which are located in the North West of England and Wales. 

At night or at other times when the quarries are not operating, external intruder detection sensors trigger the transmission over 3G of live images of any activity to a call centre where an operator can verify what is occurring and if appropriate, call an authorised ‘key holder’. The recorded video of any incident can be remotely retrieved with the help of the Wavestore software.

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