Funkwerk unveils world's first TETRA radio for hazardous mining environments

FT4 S Ex TETRA radio is now IECEx- and ATEX-certified for M2 mining and has the ability to integrate personal safety features and indoor localisation systems

Funkwerk unveils world's first TETRA radio for hazardous mining environments

German two-way radio manufacturer Funkwerk Security Communications has released what it claims is the world’s first TETRA radio for use in hazardous underground mining and tunnelling environments.

The rugged FT4 S Ex, already approved for hazardous gas and dust environments, is now also IECEx- and ATEX-certified for M2 mining. The handheld terminal is also the world’s only radio that integrates enhanced personal safety features in combination with indoor localisation, Funkwerk said.

“Not only is this the only TETRA radio on the market that offers mining certification, it is also the world’s only radio that integrates enhanced personal emergency features in combination with indoor localization,” stated Thorsten Flügge, TETRA product manager of Funkwerk.

He added: “In combination with its integral, situation-oriented TSS security system, the Funkwerk solution has been safety tested in accordance with German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BGR 139 rules and is certified for hazardous mining environments according to IECEx Mining M2, Gas IIC T4 and Dust IIIG.”

The company noted that of particular significance in mining and tunnelling environments is that the FT4 S Ex radio is also equipped with a remote switch-off function, which can be activated whenever the parameters of the M2 working conditions in the mine are exceeded.

The Funkwerk FT4 Ex radios have also achieved various intrinsic safety approvals such as ATEX (European standard), IECEx (International standard) and GOST R (Russian standard). ANZ, FM and CSA approvals are in progress.

Funkwerk CEO Roland Hünteler said: “Funkwerk’s clients expect the best from us, including products and services that comfortably cope with the rigors of the most demanding professional applications.

“TETRA is one of the most important communication technologies used internationally, combining crystal clear voice, operational data transfer, machine-to-machine communication and personal safety features in a single handset.

“What’s more, the intrinsically safe models in our product range are not only technically suitable but also legal for use in hazardous working environments. We have the unique capability to bring the many benefits that TETRA has to offer to the hazardous underground mining and tunnelling industries.”

Funkwerk’s TSS hazardous mining communication and safety solution is designed to significantly improve modern-day mining methods and to provide operators with unrivalled communication and safety solutions.

Thorsten Flügge explained: “Funkwerk’s TSS system will help mine operators to meet their safety obligations and increase productivity. By incorporating important security and safety features combined with underground localization, an emergency button, and advanced motion-sensing technology to generate no-movement or man-down alerts, Funkwerk’s FT4 radios make it easy to keep track of lone workers and initiate a fast response in the event of an emergency.”

Beside enhanced personal emergency and safety functions, the TSS system also offers features such as tagging and the ability to count miners in especially hazardous zones. Instant system-wide broadcast messaging and reliable, precise detection of personnel and vehicles using LF magnetic fields come at little or no extra cost – adding up to a highly attractive value proposition, according to Funkwerk.


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