Simoco Xd DMR system chosen by Warrnambool Radio Taxis in Australia

Simoco channel partner Tctek to supply Simoco Xd DMR system to South West Victoria-based taxi operator

Simoco Xd DMR system chosen by Warrnambool Radio Taxis in Australia

Simoco has been chosen to supply its Simoco Xd Tier II DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system to Warrnambool Radio Taxis, through one of its key channel partners, Tcktek Services in Victoria, Australia. The contract marks the first global end-to-end deployment of the Simoco Xd range for use across a fleet of taxi vehicles.

As one of the most popular taxi operators in the region, Warrnambool Radio Taxis has provided transportation services for almost 40 years. The order, which was secured and installed by Tctek Services includes a new single site Simoco Xd DMR Tier II network, which ensures crisp coverage across the region. Simoco Xd mobiles will also be fitted to the fleet of 12 vehicles operating in the region.

Warrnambool Radio Taxis wanted a system that would complement its current mobile-based national dispatching system, enabling effective and instant communication amongst drivers while also ensuring a fully secure network to maintain privacy across its entire fleet. With its increased call capacity and digital voice clarity, the new end-to-end Simoco Xd system will improve levels of customer service, responsiveness and overall safety for the company.

Tim Conlan, owner of Tctek Services said: “Warrnambool Radio Taxis wanted to replace its existing analogue radio due to the need for increased security and the requirement for a private, secure network for its day-to-day operations. With Simoco Xd, they have access to the latest in digital radio standards, providing them with an expandable and resilient solution that supports their evolving needs.”

Ian Carr, CEO of Simoco Group added: “Simoco is delighted that Warrnambool Radio Taxis has chosen a Simoco DMR solution. Our range of Simoco Xd products are built to ensure interoperability, flexibility and future-proof communication for organisations of all sizes and we’re proud to be working with such a longstanding and well-respected company.”

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