Nanotron’s RTLS Swarm platform set for further expansion

Nanotron Technologies expands swarm real-time location system product family for usage in mine safety, robotics, smart machines and workflow management

Nanotron’s RTLS Swarm platform set for further expansion

RTLS (real-time location system) developer, Nanotron Technologies, has expanded its ‘swarm’ product family, providing additional swarm radio modules optimised for new application areas. The key product is the new swarm radio mini (50 x 24 x 6 mm3) with serial host interface.

Mini and maxi modules have been developed to best meet specific industry requirements. swarm radio mini, Nanotron’s smallest swarm volume product, has been designed for portable, small-size, low-profile and high-volume applications. swarm radio maxi offers higher ranging precision for mobile volume applications and addresses precision portable applications.

In addition to its proven functionality in mine safety - collision avoidance, secure access and virtual safety zones - swarm is now set to address and target further application areas in robotics, smart machines and workflow management.

Nanotron CEO Dr. Jens Albers commented: “It is the first time that customers are able to prototype their location-aware applications within only a few weeks. Within only six months, products can be ready for production - this reduces product development costs and minimises risks. With the addition of our new swarm modules, customers have enhanced options to address the new applications appearing in this rapidly growing market.”

The different swarm radio types are interoperable over the air-interface. The application-programming interface (API) has been expanded and harmonised to enable all swarm radios to interact seamlessly. The common API platform across all swarm family radios allows easy IP re-use.

The flexible and expandable platform supports many different applications and network topologies. The high-level API provides direct implementation of a system-level design approach, thus enabling rapid results and a faster go-to-market strategy.

Nanotron’s swarm products help to solve several problems wherever distance monitoring and automated communication is crucial. With the extended product portfolio, further market segments open-up in addition to industrial safety. Now, swarm can be also deployed for emerging robotic, smart machine and workflow management applications, the company said.

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